Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Mind State #3


To Be Continued...

okay continued.
Mind Set, State whatever...

this morning i was chill and such, but now I'm just....irritated
i hate the fact that when someone wants to break out and be different, there's like 400 people behind trying to tell them other wise. some actually are trying to help, but the rest are kinda hating.
take me for a "proper" example, i don't talk "black" which = "talking in heavy slang"
it's not me, i mean i used to but now apparently i talk like a "gay" person....???

again it's whatever!

yesterweek i was told that the way i dress, talk, act, basically everything i do is not...well like everyone.
you see this is how I work. i hate the fact that style is so much the same when it comes to people. fresh kicks, something brand name, costs lots of dough. everyone is wearing the same thing just different colour. urgh.......ANNOYING!

I'm different i rock knock off or brands people never heard of. i like bright colours and i like mixing those colours too. i wanna dye my hair purple, i wanna have yellow and pink nails. i want shoes and look like I'm ready to go out to space!
i wanna listen to Fefe Dobson and Skye Sweetnam.
i wanna play loud rock music from my computer speakers without caring about the world around me. i like to dream, sing, dance, write. i like to dress others up in what I think looks good on THEM. and i wanna do the same for me.
I'm tired of everyone else looking the same, talking the same, walking the same, acting the same, seeing shit on others then wanting to buy it.
i wanna pierce my lip and get a huge tat no my side maybe.
dude <--- i love that word. I LIKE SAYING COOL BEANS! i love nerd glasses and everything weird.

i basically love everything people aren't used too.

and you know what? i don't give a flying fuck

"you just do you, and imma do me..."

- Aubrey

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