Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's Fly Away

you set me heart on fire.

corny right?
seriously though
when i'm around you
we make everything bright
everything is alright
nothings in our sight
everything is chill
your like a drink that never needs a refill
again corny, but it's me
you accept me, you let me be
you don't judge or quick to point the finger.
positivity and creativity is what in our air lingers.
we're super thinkers and fast learners.
we're cold as ice but hot as burners.

can't quit with the corniness? i think not
that's what your thinking? that's what i thought.

i know you well, but i wanna know you more
that's why we special friends, this friendship will hopefully grow
me and you should fly away
in the clouds is where we'd lay....

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