Saturday, January 21, 2012

getting lost in it all...

in that one kiss. just that one kiss.
lost in that wilderness.
the wild, passionate, sensual kiss.
at that moment it’s my everything.
it’s my anything.
he holds me with all his strength, so strong, so big
but he’s kiss is gentle. peaceful. kinda like spring.
takes over me, i embrace it all.

- Aubrey 

Thursday, January 5, 2012


"hey, do you want me. look at me. stare at me. really look at my naked body and tell me what you see. no, do not turn away, babe. actually look at me..."

two naked beings stand in front of each other and look. using there eyes to read their story. embracing the discomfort for a little while. the awkwardness fades.

"babe, your body is beautiful, you're beautiful. don't hide your eyes from mine. we're looking at us, the real us."

- Aubrey

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life Isn't Always Easy...

Her: hey, i'm here. what did i miss?
not much huh? is he still at his shit again? oh jeeze when will it end?

babe, you with me? it's me... how you feeling? you're tired huh? lemme feel your head, are you hot?
oh babe, you're burning up... lemme get a wet cloth for you...

here, put this on your head and try to get some sleep... i'll be here when you wake up.

*two hours later*
babe, are you sleeping? you're so peaceful when you sleep. i bet you're dreaming those big dreams you usually dream. that's what i love about you. you were never afraid to dream big dreams and then tell the world. never cared what they thought about you. you know that you're my hero in some way right? i hate to admit but you carry these traits that i wish i had in my self... you're one in a million... i'll just lay here next to you until morning..

Him: hey, are you asleep? ... guess so. i had this dream where you were talking to me about how much you admired me? i don't know you would... everyone has this opinion about me and i thought you did too. i hope my dream wasn't a lie because the same things you said you saw in me are the same things i see in you. you're so strong and brave and patient. especially having to deal with me and my outbursts. i now my condition doesn't make me the easiest person to deal with but i want you to know that i'm thankful for you.
i love you. and i mean that. i will always love you. i should be the one taking care of you...

- Aubrey