Friday, October 2, 2009

At The End Of The Day

...I'm never gonna stop
I'm never gonna flop
I'm going to stay on top.
that's where i belong.
that's' where i stand strong.
that's where I'm excellent at what i create
that's where i want people to relate.
that's where i want people to hear me
but i don't even want them to fear me
stay near me
shed tears with me.
stand by me
even sit by me.
I'm feeling lucky.
no one will dare fuck with me
cause I'm being me
isn't that all what people want?
someone to not actually be a part.
someone that stands out.
someone who's not afraid to scream or shout?
someone who's not the same.
and someone who's willing to take the blame?
i ask questions at the end of the day
I'm trying not to do anything wrong.
cause that's something that will actually make me feel like i belong
I'm different, full of attitude, sassy
even spicy
(yes i said spicy)

"ever wanted people to tap into your world?"

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