Friday, October 23, 2009

Gimme A Second To Gather My Thoughts

One thing
& it goes like this
Gimme a second to gather my thoughts
Another thought to reminisce
Another thought on the special kiss
Another thought about this bliss
Another thought focused on us
Another thought about how we met on the bus
My emotion for you is ever so strong
Especially since I loved you for so long
& now we've grown apart
All I want is a fresh new start

Gimme a second to gather my thoughts again...

That walk from the park was great
Those dudes that saw us, you’re the one they love to hate
Cause your with me, and I like that
& When they get out of line, you know when to fight back
I dig that
Damn I miss that
you were the one and never did me wrong
Our relationship was something strong
Tell me where has the love gone all along?

Gimme a second to gather my thoughts once more...

Last week was something
We sat around and did nothing
Typically us
Even when I break the peaceful silence
You never fuss
Sometimes I may get annoying, sometimes cuss
I can honestly say
That I never felt this way
You think these feelings can be here to say
Lemme think...

Gimme a second to gather my thoughts....

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