Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life Pt. One

"you're tired of me? bitch i'm damn well passed tired of your stank ass!" he was yelling at her from across the room. boy was Trevor man now! "all you ever talk about is life, and all this over shit over and over. you're acting all sappy and down over shit that can me solved within the blink of an eye. baby i know shit hard but damn WE TRYING!" tears fill Alicia's hazel football shape eyes fast. "well Trev, what do you expect me to do? my mom wants nothing to do with me, dad was never there. just lost my job and i'm three months preggo. shit seems harder then ever now. what are you doing right now? trying to get this rap thing off and going? did you even meet with L.A. today like you said you had to? HUH? DID YOU?" Alicia held everything in her power not to slap the shit out of Trevor's face right now. he just standing there, he was taken back for a minute. he never thought he's see the day where he felt like everything is falling a part. he felt like giving up right then and there. but then his eyes met Alicia's baby bump. he had to try and give his all for his un-born child. give that baby the best he nor Alicia never had. "TREVOR BRETT SMITH I'M TALKING TO YOU!" "Yes Alicia i met with L.A. today. he liked what i have, wants to meet up with me and Nathan tomorrow about some beats and other demos he was feeling, baby this could be my big break" Trevor said it in that sweet sexy voice Alicia always liked. "really baby? really?" she jumps into his arms while saying it. "yes baby girl. now stop trippin off all this, we gonna make it. i promise. i'm working for you and this baby, that's all that matters. not you moms, pops, or your job status. i love you baby. i love you"