Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Remember This

I been there all that I can for you, To the point where I literally feel your stress & heartache. Our lives are on two different doing two different things. I'm going a little crazy, while you're on shake & bake. I'm so focused on making you happy and pleased, Just trying to put this simple stress at ease. All I want is for you to stay calm cause I'm here now. With that I'll bring you no harm. Think of me as your good luck charm, The lucky charm without the luck... More like someone who's always going to be there for you & always willing to hold you down. Always going to try her best to turn your frowns upside down. Someone who's only going to fill your head with advice. Not choices made by the flip of a coin or the rolls of a dice. I'm trying to be the most amazingness best friend I can ever be to anyone, you especially. What can I say? You're something like royalty !I'm writing this in hopes that your world doesn't collide,
Remember this:
I'm always by your side

i ment every word.

he's seriously forgetting the meaning i put behind this note. i put every feeling, every thought, every memory into this note and now it's come to my attention that he's drifting from me. he can say that he's not but he really is. do i want that? well what do you think? this is probably the only thing buggin me right now. he was the one saying that i would act weird and drift, but it's all him now. i put every last thing that basically happened behind me. i'm on this new thing where i don't linger on what has happen. i'm keeping my focus on what's going to happen cause that's all that matters. the future. is he going to be in my future? at this rate, i don't even know anymore...just know i want this to work. tired of loosing the best. <--- that's hard to find...

"If only he could understand how i really feel, tap into my mindset and see that i'm changing, only for the good of everything. i'm over whatever and also down for whatever cause i'm just that person. like how much more do i have to show him? i'm almost worn out..."

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