Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby You're My Best

I Wanna Be Your Everything,The One You Always Wanted. I Swear We Do It Real Big. Bigger Than The Others Done It. We Be Up On Everything Other Chicks Clearly Want It. I Want You Forever Man. I'll Put You Always In It. I'm Talking Bout My Heart. You're Always There To Fill It Up. When You Get Right I Promise I Won't Give You Up. You Always Beggin For It, I'm There To Give It Up. You Make Me Feel The Same Every Single Time. Baby You're My Best. - Aubrey Best!

as always i been diggin this song, who hasn't man. it's huge. i don't know about now. i hardly hear it.
anyways i decided to write my own chours to it since

A) i'm thinking things. one being him
B) i'm singing too
& C) i was feeling to write SOMETHING so i chose this.

i enjoyed it, hope you do too.

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