Friday, October 2, 2009

Farm-Ville Addict

yesssssssss i'm finally admitting that i have an addition.

it's Farm-Ville
(my facebook heads know what i'm talking about, if not you're sleeping on the facebook world of applications)

i mean let's face it, a new thing comes along and takes over the world for a second. everyone gets a hit of it. some people like the hit, some people don't, and the rest just try not to get sucked in somehow. i was one of the ones trying not to get sucked. but that all ended like 4-5 weeks least i think it did. either way i'm on level 22 i think, almost 23...just wait. once i get all those ribbons and whatever, i'm so over it.

this was brought to you guessed it...FARM-VILLE! fake money, fake animals, fake food = F U N! (we're waiting for you)


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