Friday, October 9, 2009

Feeling Like A Fat Kid...

...nahh, more like feeling like a bad kid.
rad kid
sad kid.
i mean come on we have those days.
where he just wanna sit up and inhale the haze.
yea, i have those days.
especially when i'm hurting.
feelings? that's the shit i'm never blurting.
i should shouldn't i?
but nahh, whos cares how i feel?
another chick who can write, without a crowd to show her the love you know?
nahh i don't think you do.
well i could never know right?

you're just as locked up as i am.
when you finally open up it's like BLAM.
dude, you had all that in you.
woooow, i'm pleased
you shared it with me.
so i'm guessing it's my turn?

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