Monday, October 5, 2009

Life Pt. 2

"baby, are you up?" Trevor says as he brushes Alicia's long brown curls behind her ears and feels on her soft cocoa brown skin. "No, but the baby is" Alicia begins to rub her stomach. "i don't know what's going on in there, but the baby kept me up all night." "it's okay babe, you can get all the sleep you need today. i'm going to Nate's to cook up some new material. we gotta be on our toes just in case L.A. does anything suddenly." Trevor hopes out the bed and heads to the bathroom. "baby i've been thinking. now don't take me the wrong way or whatever cause you know i'm behind you with everything. what if something happens and the call doesn't come through. what if they decide they don't want you or something. i mean we gotta think logically here." Alicia says with doubt in her voice. Trevor peeks out the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth and glares at her. "Licia, stop thinking like that. Nathan is amazing at what he does. better then some of these cats out here. i can throw down in the booth like no one business. baby i'm hungry. i want this my me, i want this for us." Alicia just looks at him and says "okay baby i believe in you." then blows a kiss so Trevor catches it. he does and puts in on his chest then winks.

"Dude sickest beat is in the mix. i got just what you need Trev, man it's doper then dope." Nathan was so excited. he was putting the finishing touches on a beat he came up with last night.
"dude, how long did you stay up? did you even get any sleep dawg?" Trevor putting down the newpaper he picked up from Nathan's door step and placed it on the kitchen counter. "we're like a well oiled machine" Nathan says. "i come up with th beats, and you come up with the lyrics. seriously we gonna take this world bt strom." Nathan was on some serious high hopes over this one beat in particular. "so let me hear then!" Trevor was anxious. Nathan is a fiend for making beats, and Trevor is a fiend to hear them. As Trevor walks down the stairs to go to the studio, he starts to think about what Alicia said to him this morning. "baby what if you don't get this deal" echos in his head. "i gotta stay focused. i know she believes in me but she's just looking out" he says to himself. "that's my life right there"

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