Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mind Set #4

I don't even know what to write about
for once my heart and mind are playing the same song
and it's hurting me


because the song it's playing is one that isn't fully mine at the moment. i'm sooo sprung!
i hate admitting it to you cause you get a big head about it & it's getting worse cause now it's like i breathe you
sleep you
everything i do has a little you in it.
i never knew that i could feel something as good as this. i must say, OBVIOUSLY it's a new feeling. but a true feeling...
can't remember the last time i even felt something like this.

damn i wanna cry!

spending all your time with her. well i can't complain because i would have done the same thing. seems like she's number one priority for a while. gotta make up for lost time no? i gotta sit on the side lines before i can join you in this game i guess you can say.

sad to say i'm in love.

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