Friday, October 30, 2009


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Monday, October 26, 2009


Feel the heat
the sensual vibes
something neat
the fire within
trying to look ahead
but it hazes
orange, yellow, red
she's just looking to earn street cred.
running missions and doing deeds
in the end, it's the street love she needs
she fiends
she bleeds.
all these things but her mind at some ease.
she's on this high, can she ever come down?
the real question is does she wanna come down?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking Back

Looking back on everything I wrote
It looks like I have trouble with the word cope
I had so much faith and hope
Reading it all, I thought it was dope
Now I’m doing a reading on myself, I’ve changed
I’m different
It’s like I put up a light tint
I’m looking out from the inside
One thing I hold close is my mind
My mind is my key to this life and to my mind, life is key
The world is here.
It’s time to start with me
I think it’s good to read things from the past.
It can make or change your mind set for the future…
I like talking about thoughts and my mind set
Because that’s the only thing people can’t wreck.
The only thing I can control
Something that I have a total hold
The thing with me People can’t change it
If I have something I want to do or say
I’m going to do so, my way
I’m done with people having issues with everything that comes out
I’m open-minded, that’s something I shout.
so if you have an issue and there's something you feel
the world is full of feelings

i'm just keeping it real...

Gimme A Second To Gather My Thoughts

One thing
& it goes like this
Gimme a second to gather my thoughts
Another thought to reminisce
Another thought on the special kiss
Another thought about this bliss
Another thought focused on us
Another thought about how we met on the bus
My emotion for you is ever so strong
Especially since I loved you for so long
& now we've grown apart
All I want is a fresh new start

Gimme a second to gather my thoughts again...

That walk from the park was great
Those dudes that saw us, you’re the one they love to hate
Cause your with me, and I like that
& When they get out of line, you know when to fight back
I dig that
Damn I miss that
you were the one and never did me wrong
Our relationship was something strong
Tell me where has the love gone all along?

Gimme a second to gather my thoughts once more...

Last week was something
We sat around and did nothing
Typically us
Even when I break the peaceful silence
You never fuss
Sometimes I may get annoying, sometimes cuss
I can honestly say
That I never felt this way
You think these feelings can be here to say
Lemme think...

Gimme a second to gather my thoughts....

Can We Get It Back?

You should have told me
That you loved me
But you didn't
I would have told you
That I loved you
But I couldn't
The love got lost

Can we get it back?

Am I Loosing My Chance At True Happiness?

i wrote this a while back. this is based on something that did happen then. and loosy based on something that happened recently.
the reason why the question is asked "Am i loosing my chance at true happiness" is because i felt that th the one that i was feeling/with was my happiness. when i was with them nothing was ever wrong, i was never sad, everything just felt perfect untill i seen what i seen/ heard what i heard. they were my happiness. when they finally realized what the question really meant, it was more then late/close to late. at the end of the day it is what it is...
she wonders
as she goes through her thoughts and sees her love with another
not knowing what they have going on, she sits there
wondering if he's slipping through her fingers
she waits and sees if he makes a next move with this girl
as she starts to get teary eyes she sits and thinks about what she could have possibly done
for him to seek love in another
she starts crying
her feelings rush over her like the strong stormy ocean
she's overwhelmed
she can’t handle this
she runs out into the light
she catches his eye
wondering what she's doing here, he chases
she's crying out of control
he grabs her
looks at her sees that she's hurting
wondering why she's crying he asks her what’s wrong
she couldn't look him in the face
she was so distort by seeing him with the girl
he stares at her for a second
seeing the tears stream down her face
he wipes them away
he kisses her
taken back for a second she kisses back
they embrace each other for a moment
then she pushes away
she wants to take a chance and yell it out to him she loves him
but she seen the way he looked at her
"Does he give me that look?"
He’s puzzled
wondering why she's so resistant
she asks him
"Am I Loosing My Chance at True Happiness?"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mind Set # 5

"hmmm...lemme check my watch, i think it's time for me to make another hit...."

i can honestly say that a lot has happened in this month. from a number of fights i could have gotten into to my heart basically never healing ever again. it was something over-whelming. like i never been through anything like this in this month ever. kinda life changing. i knew you could never trust people, but not like this. i knew that people had an evil side, but not like this. i knew I'd go through pain, again not like this.

can you believe i basically showed this dude my all (I'm saying my all because no one else has seen what i showed or know what i told him) and he ended up hurting me soo soo bad? i mean dudes do this type of thing from time to time but, what if you believe so bad that someone could be so different from the rest you forgot about reality? you just looked at everything as if nothing was ever wrong? love is blind for real. i'm seriously not the type to go coo-coo for freaking coco puffs but this dude really had me. like had me had me. like he was so...original and so different. carried himself in such a new style that I've never seen. if i could list all the things about him, we'd be here forever. just know he's different. WAY DIFFERENT. but yeah. i guess that's all i wanna address. he just hurt me in the worst way. kinda lead me on and then i finally came to see that i was his "side thing". NEEEEEVER HAVE I EVER BEEN THAT AND NEEEEVER WILL BE AGAIN. :)

either way it kills like a bitch when you have this feeling you never felt before towards someone and then they fuck you over. again if i could count how many fucking times someone fucked with my emotions I'd be fucking rich owning my own island. woooord.

i was pretty much disappointed in him because he did that. plus he's my best friend.
questions are still un-answered and i don't think i would want him to answer them anyways considering the fact that he didn't answer them in the first place. if the answers were that simple, I'm pretty sure he would have said it by now. but there are questions he has for me that i chose not to answer either. why? cause at the end of the day I'm just the best friend, I'm not number one. he has hes and mine is still out there. for now I'm just going to chill and seek for these things. food and happiness. :)

that's all i really wanted to get out. call this venting.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Remember This

I been there all that I can for you, To the point where I literally feel your stress & heartache. Our lives are on two different doing two different things. I'm going a little crazy, while you're on shake & bake. I'm so focused on making you happy and pleased, Just trying to put this simple stress at ease. All I want is for you to stay calm cause I'm here now. With that I'll bring you no harm. Think of me as your good luck charm, The lucky charm without the luck... More like someone who's always going to be there for you & always willing to hold you down. Always going to try her best to turn your frowns upside down. Someone who's only going to fill your head with advice. Not choices made by the flip of a coin or the rolls of a dice. I'm trying to be the most amazingness best friend I can ever be to anyone, you especially. What can I say? You're something like royalty !I'm writing this in hopes that your world doesn't collide,
Remember this:
I'm always by your side

i ment every word.

he's seriously forgetting the meaning i put behind this note. i put every feeling, every thought, every memory into this note and now it's come to my attention that he's drifting from me. he can say that he's not but he really is. do i want that? well what do you think? this is probably the only thing buggin me right now. he was the one saying that i would act weird and drift, but it's all him now. i put every last thing that basically happened behind me. i'm on this new thing where i don't linger on what has happen. i'm keeping my focus on what's going to happen cause that's all that matters. the future. is he going to be in my future? at this rate, i don't even know anymore...just know i want this to work. tired of loosing the best. <--- that's hard to find...

"If only he could understand how i really feel, tap into my mindset and see that i'm changing, only for the good of everything. i'm over whatever and also down for whatever cause i'm just that person. like how much more do i have to show him? i'm almost worn out..."

Monday, October 19, 2009

Words From The Wise - Tasha Love

Facebook Status, another eye opener in a sense...

Jaelissa Aubrey Winter-Best Don't Make Someone A Priority When They Only Make You An Option. <--- Feeling The Slap Now.

Tasha Love
Tasha Love
I try and live by that statement... I ended my previous relationship with those wise words. You are a very smart young lady.
15 hours ago · Delete
Jaelissa Aubrey Winter-Best
Jaelissa Aubrey Winter-Best
thanks. i just got an eye opener too...i'm growing up. :)
6 hours ago · Delete
Tasha Love
Tasha Love
I can def see that you are.. I wish I had the mindstate you have at ur age. But its a different time in society with young ladies ur age... more knowledge, more information.. just alot more growing up earlier then before. But I can tell with time ur only gona be wiser! =)
6 hours ago · Delete
Jaelissa Aubrey Winter-Best
Jaelissa Aubrey Winter-Best
that means so much man. i wish other people could see that cause sometimes they take me as some kind of joke.

they think i'm young and easy. but i got smarts. :P
lot more to learn.
6 hours ago · Delete
Tasha Love
Tasha Love
Well its because of ur "age" not because of you as a person.. remember that. Its not personal its just the stereotypes of girls ur age. Trust me. Just be you.. just continue to grow.. and as for the people who take u for a joke, you'll be the one laughing when ur a women and their still on that same mindstate...
5 hours ago · Delete
Jaelissa Aubrey Winter-Best
Jaelissa Aubrey Winter-Best
ahh true. that makes sense. thanks Tasha!
this is all so helpful. :)
5 hours ago · Delete
Tasha Love
Tasha Love
Lol.. no prob hun! Jus be young.. be happy, enjoy life.. but make smart decision. You never go back in time.. you can only go forward. =)
5 hours ago · Delete
Jaelissa Aubrey Winter-Best
5 hours ago · Delete

Sunday, October 18, 2009


it feels good to run my fingers through my hair like you used to.
if only you knew how much i longed for you.
i lay on your side of the bed from time to time
to smell that wonderful scent. man you were all mine.
i try to snap out of it and try to forget what happened
but it burns. my feelings just seem to tap in,
just the memories and tears linger here
and the one thing i fear
has already happened
miss the way you held my face
miss the way your lips taste
now there's nothing left here
just an empty space.
a void you use to fill.
now your gone, my heart and all it's passion begins to spill
if only you could take a good look at me now.
i'm just left laying here.
taking in the scent i once knew
and the feeling of laying next to you...

The Special One

I’m looking for the right one.
The “hold me tight” one.
I want to tell people I got me good one.
I want to have some good fun, only with the right one.
I sing about that special one.
I dream about the special one.
But it hurts to even think about that one.
Because I don't have my only one...
*sings "said I know there's a good one out there for me"*
when will I find you?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Real Words - From Tasha Love

"There comes a point in your life when you realize..
Who matters...
Who never did...
Who won't anymore...
And who always will...
So, don't worry about people from your past,
There's a reason why they didn't make it to your future."

My Friend "Tasha Love" has this on her facebook, so i decided to "borrow" :)

real words for sure. some people like to linger on the "what happened before" instead on the "what could happened now"

there's always something/someone better to come long. you just have to open your eyes a little more...

Friday, October 16, 2009

it's late, well early

wrote this sometime one moring. my mind was on some other ish

peep it!

it's late
well early
it's like 5
and my hair is curling
i'm pondering on what just happen
you know, when my mouth was flappin
it's easy to express when it's n your head
but when you want it to come out...ugh!
it's like a dog playing dead
i hate coming up with corny lines
to express the way i feel inside.
i'm trying to see if you understand
that i really want you to be my man.
you're my best friend, then one i care dearly for.
the one i don't even wanna see walk out that door.
i love ya, i love you a million times more.
i want our connection to be like something in a higher level
it's late
well early
finished this at six
my mind is broken
i think he could be the main fix..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mind Set #4

I don't even know what to write about
for once my heart and mind are playing the same song
and it's hurting me


because the song it's playing is one that isn't fully mine at the moment. i'm sooo sprung!
i hate admitting it to you cause you get a big head about it & it's getting worse cause now it's like i breathe you
sleep you
everything i do has a little you in it.
i never knew that i could feel something as good as this. i must say, OBVIOUSLY it's a new feeling. but a true feeling...
can't remember the last time i even felt something like this.

damn i wanna cry!

spending all your time with her. well i can't complain because i would have done the same thing. seems like she's number one priority for a while. gotta make up for lost time no? i gotta sit on the side lines before i can join you in this game i guess you can say.

sad to say i'm in love.


Music bumping
club jumping
drinks over-flowing
no one's really knowing
all girls are hoe-ing
money flying everywhere
seems so crazy as i stare
looking around
hearing every sound
it's like hell with good music
sex over here
drugs over there
did everything seems right?
did everything seem wrong?
i found myself dancing
but the feeling was ever lasting
i was confused
i was excited
i was craving
aslo blind-sided
can't say it was weird
but it was new
i came in with three
but left there with you

One Simple Rule

Pink & yellow chipped nail polish
my thoughts are able to taunt this
i think i'm going to write a list
i'm starting to feel pissed
about the present and past
i'm tired of things moving fast
no down answers
to so many questions
but my life is something like a blessing
i got people endlessly testing
my paients, my sanity
i got people that love me
& people forever blasting me
it's weird, but it's funny
that i got it better then some, i'm lucky
i'm not about "the norm"
cause that's a disgusting forn
i desire to change the world
show everyone that i'm not a normal girl
i live by one simple rule
Being different = cool!

Mind, Body & Soul

My eyes are the windows to my soul,
my mouth in the road to my mind.
my hands are the gentle & love is what it holds,
my ears are what my mind stands beside.
my body is my temple that unworthy people want to break,
but i'm keeping a certain gate closed for mine
& my body's sake.
you're not going to murder my mind
and lie to my soul
least you forget, i'm something bold.
not something you can mold
or something you can transform
i have a few beliefs of my own.
i believe that the one
my special one
can come into my temple and explore,
tell me all the possible things and more.
hold my love with all his being,
look into my windows & see maturity,
respect my body full of fury.
this is my being,
this is my everything.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Update: Food For Thought.

i haven't been posting as much as i wish to have been, only because there's so much going on in my brain and my heart. WHATEVER. i got so many pieces i wanna share, but y'all gotta bare with me on this. i hope y'all like it.

i think if things like this, if you have whatever on your mind, say it, write it. this writers block shit is just a thing of the mind. it's fabricated to prevent you from letting your thoughts flow. thoughts flow regardless, stop thinking about writers block, start thinking freely. no mater what your thinking, express it. express it all!
show the universe what you can be!

- Aubrey & Janelle

Sunday, October 11, 2009


"Whenever i'm near you, it feels like bedtime..."

we were kickin it and it was cool as ice,
the feeling of your presence was something nice.
the essence in the air,
was giving off the love was suddenly there
in the back of my mind i knew we didn't have to make love in order to feel love
we didn't have to have sex to feel like wonders of intimacy.
even a touch is just as significant
bedtime, bedtime, bedtime.
we can snuggle, cuddle whatever.
we can talk, laugh even listen to the silence
silence wouldn't be awkward, it would be better
better for us to feel more comfortable around each other
feeling the vibe.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby You're My Best

I Wanna Be Your Everything,The One You Always Wanted. I Swear We Do It Real Big. Bigger Than The Others Done It. We Be Up On Everything Other Chicks Clearly Want It. I Want You Forever Man. I'll Put You Always In It. I'm Talking Bout My Heart. You're Always There To Fill It Up. When You Get Right I Promise I Won't Give You Up. You Always Beggin For It, I'm There To Give It Up. You Make Me Feel The Same Every Single Time. Baby You're My Best. - Aubrey Best!

as always i been diggin this song, who hasn't man. it's huge. i don't know about now. i hardly hear it.
anyways i decided to write my own chours to it since

A) i'm thinking things. one being him
B) i'm singing too
& C) i was feeling to write SOMETHING so i chose this.

i enjoyed it, hope you do too.

Feeling Like A Fat Kid...

...nahh, more like feeling like a bad kid.
rad kid
sad kid.
i mean come on we have those days.
where he just wanna sit up and inhale the haze.
yea, i have those days.
especially when i'm hurting.
feelings? that's the shit i'm never blurting.
i should shouldn't i?
but nahh, whos cares how i feel?
another chick who can write, without a crowd to show her the love you know?
nahh i don't think you do.
well i could never know right?

you're just as locked up as i am.
when you finally open up it's like BLAM.
dude, you had all that in you.
woooow, i'm pleased
you shared it with me.
so i'm guessing it's my turn?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Life Pt. 2

"baby, are you up?" Trevor says as he brushes Alicia's long brown curls behind her ears and feels on her soft cocoa brown skin. "No, but the baby is" Alicia begins to rub her stomach. "i don't know what's going on in there, but the baby kept me up all night." "it's okay babe, you can get all the sleep you need today. i'm going to Nate's to cook up some new material. we gotta be on our toes just in case L.A. does anything suddenly." Trevor hopes out the bed and heads to the bathroom. "baby i've been thinking. now don't take me the wrong way or whatever cause you know i'm behind you with everything. what if something happens and the call doesn't come through. what if they decide they don't want you or something. i mean we gotta think logically here." Alicia says with doubt in her voice. Trevor peeks out the bathroom with a toothbrush in his mouth and glares at her. "Licia, stop thinking like that. Nathan is amazing at what he does. better then some of these cats out here. i can throw down in the booth like no one business. baby i'm hungry. i want this my me, i want this for us." Alicia just looks at him and says "okay baby i believe in you." then blows a kiss so Trevor catches it. he does and puts in on his chest then winks.

"Dude sickest beat is in the mix. i got just what you need Trev, man it's doper then dope." Nathan was so excited. he was putting the finishing touches on a beat he came up with last night.
"dude, how long did you stay up? did you even get any sleep dawg?" Trevor putting down the newpaper he picked up from Nathan's door step and placed it on the kitchen counter. "we're like a well oiled machine" Nathan says. "i come up with th beats, and you come up with the lyrics. seriously we gonna take this world bt strom." Nathan was on some serious high hopes over this one beat in particular. "so let me hear then!" Trevor was anxious. Nathan is a fiend for making beats, and Trevor is a fiend to hear them. As Trevor walks down the stairs to go to the studio, he starts to think about what Alicia said to him this morning. "baby what if you don't get this deal" echos in his head. "i gotta stay focused. i know she believes in me but she's just looking out" he says to himself. "that's my life right there"

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life Pt. One

"you're tired of me? bitch i'm damn well passed tired of your stank ass!" he was yelling at her from across the room. boy was Trevor man now! "all you ever talk about is life, and all this over shit over and over. you're acting all sappy and down over shit that can me solved within the blink of an eye. baby i know shit hard but damn WE TRYING!" tears fill Alicia's hazel football shape eyes fast. "well Trev, what do you expect me to do? my mom wants nothing to do with me, dad was never there. just lost my job and i'm three months preggo. shit seems harder then ever now. what are you doing right now? trying to get this rap thing off and going? did you even meet with L.A. today like you said you had to? HUH? DID YOU?" Alicia held everything in her power not to slap the shit out of Trevor's face right now. he just standing there, he was taken back for a minute. he never thought he's see the day where he felt like everything is falling a part. he felt like giving up right then and there. but then his eyes met Alicia's baby bump. he had to try and give his all for his un-born child. give that baby the best he nor Alicia never had. "TREVOR BRETT SMITH I'M TALKING TO YOU!" "Yes Alicia i met with L.A. today. he liked what i have, wants to meet up with me and Nathan tomorrow about some beats and other demos he was feeling, baby this could be my big break" Trevor said it in that sweet sexy voice Alicia always liked. "really baby? really?" she jumps into his arms while saying it. "yes baby girl. now stop trippin off all this, we gonna make it. i promise. i'm working for you and this baby, that's all that matters. not you moms, pops, or your job status. i love you baby. i love you"

Letter To Mom

it's hard being me as it is. not knowing where my mind set from time to time, not knowing what my actual dreams are cause they keep changing. it feels like i have no sense of guidence because at the end of the day, i feel you not there for me emotionally like most mother are with there daughters. i know i'm not the best apple on the tree but i try. i bent over backwards as many times as i can but it's never good enough for you. it seems like nothing is EVER good enough for you. anything i do. even if it's keep my room clean, giving no sass, little thins like that. it's getting to the point where, if anything were to happen i'm doubting myself...would i do anything? i'm second guessing myself. and second guessing you.

i want to be the best i can be, but how can i be the best i can if i don't have my own parents behind me at all times. dad who? never had that dude. i think that's why i act out. i never had that kind of attention. now i want that, seems like mom can be the only one to so that. but she's to busy being mad at me, mad about the past, and mad at what i'm becoming. a woman. she cannot handle it cause she doesn't want me to make the same mistakes like she did. picking up the worst man, working at the shittest job ever. and not having a life. coming home everyday and just going to your room. even closing the door now to drown out the world. but she can't. ever had someone tell you don't blame yourself for grown ups stress or whatever mess they're in? well i can honestly say that i'm the reason why you're so depressed and stressed and all this shit. i'm lazy, i'm rude, i'm not everything you hoped for me to be because i'm always looking around at what others have and what they provide for their families. i have all this anger build up because we don't have it easy like other people. someone once told me that things come for those who long we'll we both have to wait for things to get better, for you let me free and for me to actually see you happy.

that's all i really want, and i swear to you from now on i will try my HARDEST.

that's something i can honestly say i can do.
cause i love you.

Friday, October 2, 2009

At The End Of The Day

...I'm never gonna stop
I'm never gonna flop
I'm going to stay on top.
that's where i belong.
that's' where i stand strong.
that's where I'm excellent at what i create
that's where i want people to relate.
that's where i want people to hear me
but i don't even want them to fear me
stay near me
shed tears with me.
stand by me
even sit by me.
I'm feeling lucky.
no one will dare fuck with me
cause I'm being me
isn't that all what people want?
someone to not actually be a part.
someone that stands out.
someone who's not afraid to scream or shout?
someone who's not the same.
and someone who's willing to take the blame?
i ask questions at the end of the day
I'm trying not to do anything wrong.
cause that's something that will actually make me feel like i belong
I'm different, full of attitude, sassy
even spicy
(yes i said spicy)

"ever wanted people to tap into your world?"

Farm-Ville Addict

yesssssssss i'm finally admitting that i have an addition.

it's Farm-Ville
(my facebook heads know what i'm talking about, if not you're sleeping on the facebook world of applications)

i mean let's face it, a new thing comes along and takes over the world for a second. everyone gets a hit of it. some people like the hit, some people don't, and the rest just try not to get sucked in somehow. i was one of the ones trying not to get sucked. but that all ended like 4-5 weeks least i think it did. either way i'm on level 22 i think, almost 23...just wait. once i get all those ribbons and whatever, i'm so over it.

this was brought to you guessed it...FARM-VILLE! fake money, fake animals, fake food = F U N! (we're waiting for you)



is the day
that i finally proclaim
what's rightfully mine
is the day
where i can actually
turn back those hands of time
and come correctly
use my ability
and come out with the biggest bang
the finest thang
the effect of a boomerang
come right back around
and basically say it...

you are the most worst.
to the point where it hurts.
you are disgusting
and for you i was lusting?
what was i thinking?
clearly i wasn't blinking.
clearly i was sinking
in lies and lies and LIES.
your were the devil in disguise
you had me
you played me
made me hate me
cause i finally caught up
someone got under the slip up
then you fliped up
i was fed up
told you i was done
i bet you had your fun
can't say this ride has been something
because in the end i ended up with something
the wisdom of today....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let's Fly Away

you set me heart on fire.

corny right?
seriously though
when i'm around you
we make everything bright
everything is alright
nothings in our sight
everything is chill
your like a drink that never needs a refill
again corny, but it's me
you accept me, you let me be
you don't judge or quick to point the finger.
positivity and creativity is what in our air lingers.
we're super thinkers and fast learners.
we're cold as ice but hot as burners.

can't quit with the corniness? i think not
that's what your thinking? that's what i thought.

i know you well, but i wanna know you more
that's why we special friends, this friendship will hopefully grow
me and you should fly away
in the clouds is where we'd lay....

My Mind State #3


To Be Continued...

okay continued.
Mind Set, State whatever...

this morning i was chill and such, but now I'm just....irritated
i hate the fact that when someone wants to break out and be different, there's like 400 people behind trying to tell them other wise. some actually are trying to help, but the rest are kinda hating.
take me for a "proper" example, i don't talk "black" which = "talking in heavy slang"
it's not me, i mean i used to but now apparently i talk like a "gay" person....???

again it's whatever!

yesterweek i was told that the way i dress, talk, act, basically everything i do is not...well like everyone.
you see this is how I work. i hate the fact that style is so much the same when it comes to people. fresh kicks, something brand name, costs lots of dough. everyone is wearing the same thing just different colour. urgh.......ANNOYING!

I'm different i rock knock off or brands people never heard of. i like bright colours and i like mixing those colours too. i wanna dye my hair purple, i wanna have yellow and pink nails. i want shoes and look like I'm ready to go out to space!
i wanna listen to Fefe Dobson and Skye Sweetnam.
i wanna play loud rock music from my computer speakers without caring about the world around me. i like to dream, sing, dance, write. i like to dress others up in what I think looks good on THEM. and i wanna do the same for me.
I'm tired of everyone else looking the same, talking the same, walking the same, acting the same, seeing shit on others then wanting to buy it.
i wanna pierce my lip and get a huge tat no my side maybe.
dude <--- i love that word. I LIKE SAYING COOL BEANS! i love nerd glasses and everything weird.

i basically love everything people aren't used too.

and you know what? i don't give a flying fuck

"you just do you, and imma do me..."

- Aubrey