Friday, October 23, 2009

Am I Loosing My Chance At True Happiness?

i wrote this a while back. this is based on something that did happen then. and loosy based on something that happened recently.
the reason why the question is asked "Am i loosing my chance at true happiness" is because i felt that th the one that i was feeling/with was my happiness. when i was with them nothing was ever wrong, i was never sad, everything just felt perfect untill i seen what i seen/ heard what i heard. they were my happiness. when they finally realized what the question really meant, it was more then late/close to late. at the end of the day it is what it is...
she wonders
as she goes through her thoughts and sees her love with another
not knowing what they have going on, she sits there
wondering if he's slipping through her fingers
she waits and sees if he makes a next move with this girl
as she starts to get teary eyes she sits and thinks about what she could have possibly done
for him to seek love in another
she starts crying
her feelings rush over her like the strong stormy ocean
she's overwhelmed
she can’t handle this
she runs out into the light
she catches his eye
wondering what she's doing here, he chases
she's crying out of control
he grabs her
looks at her sees that she's hurting
wondering why she's crying he asks her what’s wrong
she couldn't look him in the face
she was so distort by seeing him with the girl
he stares at her for a second
seeing the tears stream down her face
he wipes them away
he kisses her
taken back for a second she kisses back
they embrace each other for a moment
then she pushes away
she wants to take a chance and yell it out to him she loves him
but she seen the way he looked at her
"Does he give me that look?"
He’s puzzled
wondering why she's so resistant
she asks him
"Am I Loosing My Chance at True Happiness?"

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