Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Seek No More...

thoughts racing, tension collides
and i’m doing this all with my wide eyes
why the fuck do they begin to flood, the the fuck do i begin to bleed
this is what i’m craving for, this is what i need
lay down, LAY DOWN, just put your body flat out
i do it every time cause i have no doubt
am i fucking twisted? i barely even tasted it
right there, right there. my word it’s right there
it slipped away now…too complicated to bare
i’m going nuts over it…wanting, needing…

but forget it all now, the one i was seeking….
i seek no more….

Monday, October 11, 2010

Deep Thought...

so i'm laying there. tears linger in my eyes. they do not fall
the floor is cold but from i can make there's a warmth coming from in between my legs.
what's done is done. many times before have a felt this feeling.
am i annoyed by this feeling? no. it's whatever
that's how i'm looking at "this" as a whatever thing
but i shouldn't be...basically what's left of my innocence is on the line here...
they come in all the time. having me feel no ways when in comes down to it now..
i'm out of hormones are basically kinda calm, but ready to bounce...
this is a part of growing up right? just basically brushing off what little girls would make such a big deal over. nahh... not why do i lay on the icy floor, eyes all glossy just feeling this warmth?

i'm in deep thought.

if i got all if it out right now..i think we'd be here for days...

- Aubrey

Friday, October 8, 2010

Herself...Is Missing

she sits, in dark with dim, next to nothing light
tears fill her eyes like rain in plain site
she's hurting, never letting go of the pain
she relives it all over again
it can't escape her, if you really think about it it's all she ever knew
abuse, it began to grow, she knows it's true
she wasn't to erase, but she knows this time it isn't paper
and the reason she thinks this all happened is because her blood hates her
it runs threw her, so she leaks it
she can't stand it, so from her soul she bleeps it
for a little while though, but just like snow storm, it comes to brighten her up
this is reality though, what is it doing right now...literally cuttin her up
no one knows the true feelings as to what plays in her insides.
but what more can she do...all she ever does is cry
her friends, hate seeing her like this, but there's little they feel they can do or say
and she can't control herself anymore...anything they say makes her snap this way
she cries till she can't breathe
screams till there's no voice
but her feelings think "does she really have a choice"
everything comes hard, hits her faster then bullets
she thought everything will ease up...until this
she's losing...the battle missing

can anybody out there see her?
cause she can't seem to see herself anymore....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Morning Verse...

given up on me. yea i seem to think so.
nothing worst then this low blow
it's a no go, no where to put my words
since basically all my crap is for the birds.
haha. seem to try, seem to figure
nothing feels better right then pullin the trigger
then have it left to linger
on all of your shoulders.
they say "this is just part of life, you're getting older"
ya yea life a game to me. just gotta fight it.
all these wrongs i gotta right them.
all these chains i gotta break them.
all this pain, can you take them?
funny how they're right there but they feel so far away.

guess i'm truly on my own now, no one is ment here to stay...
thanks for giving up on me..

- Hope