Friday, October 16, 2009

it's late, well early

wrote this sometime one moring. my mind was on some other ish

peep it!

it's late
well early
it's like 5
and my hair is curling
i'm pondering on what just happen
you know, when my mouth was flappin
it's easy to express when it's n your head
but when you want it to come out...ugh!
it's like a dog playing dead
i hate coming up with corny lines
to express the way i feel inside.
i'm trying to see if you understand
that i really want you to be my man.
you're my best friend, then one i care dearly for.
the one i don't even wanna see walk out that door.
i love ya, i love you a million times more.
i want our connection to be like something in a higher level
it's late
well early
finished this at six
my mind is broken
i think he could be the main fix..

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