Wednesday, July 29, 2009

That Girl

What Most Chicks Need To Hear. This Gave Me Chills...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Something People Should Know. :)

5'7, brown eyes, short dark brown hair, coco brown skin, model type figure, sweet, kind, and gentle but can get wild. shy, but can speak her mind when needed. anybody got something to say about it and wanna judge and think they know ME better then me, who thinks i'm ugly and got nothing better to do but bring me down and talk SHIT, can bite on a dick and call it a night.

THIS IS MY YEAR NEXT YEAR. no one's taking it away from ME.

remember i said that. :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

He Thinks...

he thinks everything is about him. but the light between us has just became so dim. he was my everything till he got so controlling. he thought he was giving his all, but it's our love he was spoiling. all i wanted him was to be there and spend some time. but seeing him was like a criminal confessing to a crime. difficult. he thinks that all always be there if he give me what i want in stores and boutiques, but's only the richness in this love i seek. all the silver and all the gold, couldn't keep me in this household. he's to caught up in his money and fame, to realize he just became a things for sure he thinks a lot but not about me.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

i love this guy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Bother?

kso, i come from being on my damn feet all day, hardly any food nor water, in pain and wet from rain to have my mom take away my damn keys. & and it's not like she took them up herself, she has the NERVE to tell me to put them in her hands. : dude, seriously, clearly you have damn work in the morning and you're waste valuble sleeping time to get up out of bed and tell me to place the keys in my hand? why do mothers have to be like that? and through all this i still got mad love for her. she drives me up the wall with her crazy, controling, prison gaurd ways...but i could live without her. she needs to change though so we can live better.

cause honestly, i can't take it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


If i could find just one person in the world to actually listen to my inner thoughts, you don't know how much i'd like it.
anytime i wanna tell my "honest few" my mind & soul tries to fight it.
my mind decides to bleed out every detail of my emotion.
every laugh,
every cry,
every breath,
every sigh.
i wanna tell you the honest truth and not a little white lie.
i want you to know me and who i really be.
i want you to know everything down to the little T.
My life,
my former friends,
the story on where my life began.
My mother and no father,
i try to call him but why bother?
the hate,
the rape,
the escape for my sake,
the hopes the dreams,
the stars, it seems...
that i have a lot of these...things called secrets
but who really doesn't?


this made my day for two days. :)

Promise To Self.

if a man lays a hand on me in a way i don't want him to. be prepared to go to jail. not just him, me too.


My Baby

He got me sitting up at home thinking of different faces to make.
i'm only sitting here for his sake.
it's these feelings, they got me acting out.
i remember him telling me "it's funny when you pout"
haha but he says it's cute.
i like when he runs his figers though my roots.
he likes my hair, my smile.
my cothles so wild. it's simply me.
i do anything for him cause he's my baby. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

why must i?

so it's fucking early in the morning right now and i can't get no damn sleep. why you ask? cause i have someone on my mind. and this someone is what you call a close friend of mine. hints upon hints have been dropped to him on how i feel and honestly, i wish they haven't. me, i'm the type to keep shit bottled in till i burst out fully and tell you. (i feel when i do that, it counts more). i really don't see a reason why i should like him, i mean he's taken and shit. i've liked him for a HOT ass minute and he knows...i think. he keeps asking but i tell him no i don't, there's no point. it's true though. there really isn't. he's caught up at the moment.

why must i like a dude that has his hands tied. he asked me to be honest about my feelings, then i lie. i hate to be the one to sit by. cause all it does is makes me cry. all i gotta do is try...

but that's a little for now. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009



kso my second blog.. HOW EXCITING?! lol i guess

i'm new to this thing. can't wait till this actually goes somewhere. i wanna actually put myself outthere. hoping people except me for who i am and what i do. i love writing till the day is through...makes sense to some people for me to actually have a blog spot since my life is full of thoughts and crazy things...

But that's just a little something for now... :D

A Different Side

The side that actually might want to break free
The side that’s too smart to know
What the eyes can’t see
The side that hides what’s deep inside
Because it’s scared
Scared of the outside

This side wants the outside to accept it for who it was so long ago
This side wants to be open
But does it have the heart to do so?
It tries to be the best
It tries to be cool
It tries to be daring
It tries to be new
It’s willing to express what’s going down
It wants for you to listen
& for you to stay around

It wants for you to embrace its crazy personality
Its soothing creativity
And logical mentality
This side knows how to keep it 100
& can be soft as skin
She can dream the biggest dreams
and this all comes from within

A different side
The side that actually might want to break free
The side that’s too smart to know
What the eyes can’t see
The side that hides what’s deep inside
Because it’s scared
Scared of the outside