Friday, October 2, 2009


is the day
that i finally proclaim
what's rightfully mine
is the day
where i can actually
turn back those hands of time
and come correctly
use my ability
and come out with the biggest bang
the finest thang
the effect of a boomerang
come right back around
and basically say it...

you are the most worst.
to the point where it hurts.
you are disgusting
and for you i was lusting?
what was i thinking?
clearly i wasn't blinking.
clearly i was sinking
in lies and lies and LIES.
your were the devil in disguise
you had me
you played me
made me hate me
cause i finally caught up
someone got under the slip up
then you fliped up
i was fed up
told you i was done
i bet you had your fun
can't say this ride has been something
because in the end i ended up with something
the wisdom of today....

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