Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking Back

Looking back on everything I wrote
It looks like I have trouble with the word cope
I had so much faith and hope
Reading it all, I thought it was dope
Now I’m doing a reading on myself, I’ve changed
I’m different
It’s like I put up a light tint
I’m looking out from the inside
One thing I hold close is my mind
My mind is my key to this life and to my mind, life is key
The world is here.
It’s time to start with me
I think it’s good to read things from the past.
It can make or change your mind set for the future…
I like talking about thoughts and my mind set
Because that’s the only thing people can’t wreck.
The only thing I can control
Something that I have a total hold
The thing with me People can’t change it
If I have something I want to do or say
I’m going to do so, my way
I’m done with people having issues with everything that comes out
I’m open-minded, that’s something I shout.
so if you have an issue and there's something you feel
the world is full of feelings

i'm just keeping it real...

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