Sunday, October 18, 2009


it feels good to run my fingers through my hair like you used to.
if only you knew how much i longed for you.
i lay on your side of the bed from time to time
to smell that wonderful scent. man you were all mine.
i try to snap out of it and try to forget what happened
but it burns. my feelings just seem to tap in,
just the memories and tears linger here
and the one thing i fear
has already happened
miss the way you held my face
miss the way your lips taste
now there's nothing left here
just an empty space.
a void you use to fill.
now your gone, my heart and all it's passion begins to spill
if only you could take a good look at me now.
i'm just left laying here.
taking in the scent i once knew
and the feeling of laying next to you...

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