Friday, July 30, 2010

Dot & I - Our Beginning

so yesterday mother and i went to Younge street. we were on a mission. i was about to feel the excitement of purchasing a camera. not just a dinky regular digital camera, no. this was a D90 Nikon we were searching for. then right before our eyes, this store not to far from where my mom works. to be honest i forget what it was called. :( but hey...they were PACKED WITH CAMERAS. and Mike, who dealt with us was the nicest salesperson EVER! so we walked in and Mike and another gentlemen greeted us with warm "hellos" and such. so we greeted back. then my voice came alive "do you guys carry D90's?" then scanning the racks i saw the tags "D90 Nikon" then i said "oh you guys do" my heart started singing. then Mike said "as you can see in it's place there is nothing there." i got scared and my heart stopped. then he looked up at the shelf and said "we do have a kit though..." WHICH IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. i looked at mother then looked at the camera. then a smile appeared on my face and never left. after like five minutes of thinking my mom said okay we'll get it. AHHH! he took it down from the self and opened the box. my dreams flashed before my eyes. with every opening of a box. (three boxes) i wanted to scream, it was sooo beautiful. finally after all the paperwork and extra chat i was never paying any attention to cause i was holding my career in my hands, i finally get to take the Nikon home. skip the train ride and the paranoia i had on the train hoping no one thinks about jumping me or my inner Jet Li will kick some ass, we finally make it home. you would think i would settle in but NO, i buss that sucker open and put it together, didn't even charge the battery yet and started snapping. everything and anything got snapped. told a couple friends on MSN and Facebook that i got my baby. all this time i wanna name it. well her. but i didn't want it to be a lame name like daisy or something corny. so i was thinking all evening about it. while doing that i went to see a friend and maybe snap some shots there or whatever. got a couple nice ones but i have a lot of growing to do. she also got some couple shots. she too wants a camera like mine. after that i went home and snapped some more...then got on the three-way calling tip and was talking about my baby. she has no name yet. right then and there i decided it was a girl. aha! then i was talking to my friends about a name. then i thought about this show i used to watch with i was little and one of the characters names was "dot" i was like, "i like the ring to that. and i don't find it lame. SO HER NAME IS DOT. DOT AND AUBREY..WHAAAAT? HOW SICK IS THAT BRO?" I swear i heard crickets on the phone cause home boys went silent. then eventually dosed off on the phone laying next to Dot on the floor while jersey shore was playing on the tele. i missed it all by the way. :(

to new beginnings. :D

- A. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Shouldn't Be This Unhappy....

i really shouldn't.

- A.

yea yay me

so it's was only two days and i failed. whatever.
and it's not the fact that i wanted to use the computer, it's the fact that me and alone-ness doesn't really mix all the time. it's the only way i communicate with people besides the phone. i'm not really a phone person with everyone...just a few. so now i'm broke, again and stuck at home.

life is sweet.

- A.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What Does That Say?

why settle for less? i remember him telling me that. funny thing is that he was the one i was settling for. so what does that say...

committed to doing this

i will me M.I.A. for maybe a little over a week. no computer period and no phone unless i really need to know something. time to lock myself off from people. i don't care if we batty and bench i need time and space. i'm tired yo. just take it as it is..i'm going through too much.

- A.

Don't Worry About Me....
and if i don't answer your call a first time, DON'T YOU DARE RING OFF MY PHONE. it won't make me wanna pick up, i'll MAKE my mother be rude. not an issue....


so no one is coming to support me, at least the ones that i wanted to be there. i excuse the ones that have work and work only. let me make something clear since i'm already pissed. when i have another dance thing coming up...and trust there will be more. i will NEVER ask you guys to come again. since i been with NLDS only MY WIFE SHARON has come out to see me. NO ONE ELSE. it's all good cause when the rest of y'all have something big and what me to come....IMMA BE THERE. you know why? CAUSE I'M A GOOD FRIEND. BUT DON'T EVER COUNT ON MY TO EVER TELL YOU TO COME OUT TO ANY OF MY EVENTS EVER AGAIN. you guys don't realize that i may not be the sickest most ill dancer, but it's the least you can do...S U P P O R T me....what's so hard in that. i tell you guys a good two weeks a head of ttime "yo i got a dance thing coming up, why don't you come" tell you the day y'all say we'll see...then y'all make plans...LIKE WTF. it's OKAAAAAY THOUGH.

just remember what was said.

- A.

I'm Yelling At You

smashing phones and breaking glass - I've put my feelings through too much
you do not seem to get the fact of this being me
lemme try and break it down for you.

i see passed you. i never said this before but i see passed these chicks you talk about, i see passed this money you talk about. all that shit means nothing to me. cause all i see is you. YOU. like wtf, stop asking me to explain, stop asking to know why. i told you, and since you can't see what i do either i feel there's no point.

there was this one dude i used to digg as much as i digg you. i messed that up, i never intended for THIS to end up as it is. me and him don't even speak yo. i rarely feel this strong about some nigga AND THEN YOU COME WITH THIS.

wait wait. why am i bothering? i can't force you to see something your mot willing to look at. i bet it's how i look. yeaaa. or maybe how i act? hmmm. i can guess all the questions in the world and i'll never know. do you ever show me these type of things? whatever, i'm yelling at you, wanna know why.

cause i know say when it comes down to the point where i wanna move on you're going to come at me with some sob story like last time. but this time i won't fucking hear it. i'll still be there for you like i always am, always will be. you'll vent to me whatever. but my guy issues will NEVER BE SPOKEN ON. God is my witness. doesn't matter what i tell you or how, i'll never hear me or see me for what i do anyways.

chase what's pain, but delightfulness is right at your doorstep...well was...

- A.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Curious George

so intrigued by me, but yet it's "i just wanna know" ting.
always letting this feeling hide because i feel it's just a longtime fling
or is it...?
it should be the other way around
me wanting to know everything there is to know about you and how you feel
but i guess what i show isn't fake, just something real
it has your attention, it keeps you drawn in
but spilling out what this is sometimes makes my head spin
should i let go, should i hold on?
how long will i have to decided? how long?

maybe it's a wait and see thing...
maybe its a wait and never see thing...
maybe it's a stop waiting and finally see thing..
who knows, but maybe if he still stays focused on what he wants to know, what i have to say
maybe i'l keep saying i don't know just so he can stay...

- A.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Will Do Right By You...

I'm so in tune with you but yet, it's like i have no respect for you. i try to understand what i have to do to please you...i pass sometimes but most of the time it's an issue. especially when it comes to that subject, it's like all your cries, all your screams, all your pleas are falling on my ears but my brain disconnects the connection. for that i'm sorry. i'm trying my best to set everything back on course but this will take time. it's all the matter of having patience and having the strength to say yes when needed and no when necessary.

Dear Feelings,

I will do right by you...

Yours truly,

- A.

Not Only Me But You Too...

as i lay myself to sleep
god i pray my soul you keep
for my friends keep them safe
guide them through this night till day

i love the ones i keep close

- A.

They Say...

..."I know you. your easy to read."

that's cause I give you the pages...
you can never read between my lines cause i prevent that...
don't ever say you know me cause you don't KNOW me...

- A.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feeling Like A Song Writer...Trying A Thing...

My Version Of "Is This Love?" By Chris Brown.

I Kinda Like It...

18, fitted clean, yeah i'm bout it
Wife beater tee, skinny jeans, yeah he got it,
his body always gets my attention (he keeps it so fresh yeaaah)

So we going out? (I'll pay for it)
Boy i gotta know (I'll wait for you)
Hoping that our parents don't mind,
Cause yo, i gotta make you mine yeah
Boy give us a chance, we goin make it
Yeah we ain't too young, so let's take it
So just let me know, yeah

Is this love? (just gotta know)
Is this real? (boy just let me know)
Is it you tryna get at my heart
If it's love (all my boys and them imma give it up)
Is love? (his playing days are over, he better hang it up)
gotta know, just gotta know yea, is this love?

If he gotta girl I don't care cause I want him
I gotta dude but if he want, imma leave him
Clearly he's the boy that i'm working on (he keeps it so 100 man)
Wanna be his girl in his life now
He can tell those other girls goodbye now
Boy just let me now, tell me...

Is this love? (just gotta know)
Is this real? (boy just let me know)
Is it you tryna get at my heart
If it's love (all my boys and them imma give it up)
Is love? (his playing days are over, he better hang it up)
gotta know, just gotta know yea, is this love?

I ain't been doing much sleeping
just been thinking
about you and me just spending time together
I have never ever felt like this
i gotta know
is this how love really is?

Is this love? (just gotta know)
Is this real? (boy just let me know)
Is it you tryna get at my heart
If it's love (all my boys and them imma give it up)
Is love? (his playing days are over, he better hang it up)
gotta know, just gotta know yea, is this love?

- A.

Through My Eyes....

...this is how blurry my world gets...when thoughts of you just seem to progress....


are you surprised to see me boo?
yeah yeah that's cool, i'm showing you that ain't nothing new
so what's cool with you? 
meet someone new?
ahh whatever. why am i asking? i could care less honey
now that i got all loot all this money,
i'm living just fine.
don't get me wrong, all this money doesn't satisfy, at night it doesn't chill my wine
but me and my special sweetie, we know how to have a good time...
does that kill you?
well boo you...
time for you to hurt, just like you let me pain it up lonely
got me thinking your love was legit, but you were the biggest phony
now you beg back for me love and for what?
so you can mess it up again with some next slut?
so you can crawl back in bed the next morning like everything is sweet
nahh, i had to tell you do it like an egg and beat
but life couldn't be lovely
with me and my new bunny,
he knows how to show love, he knows how to treat me baby

so remember something, you let go of a real lady...

- A. xox

Monday, July 19, 2010

Drake "Sooner than Later" COVER REMIX BY ERIKA DAVID

you forgot to call me on my birthday
you swear im the last thing on your mind
there is nothing you can do to fix it
somehow i still want you by my side

we got this love connection, cant explain it
you give me chills up and down my spine
hoping that you could just step your game up
boy make me yours, lets stop wasting time

so can you do me a favor
can you pull it together
make it sooner than later
we wont be here forever
and well realize weve waited too long
lets make this official

cus you dont need no one else
and i dont need no one else
i dont need no one else
you dont need no one else
i dont need no one else

weve been goin at this for a while
your the one for me, its plain to see
you tell me you cant find nobody better
yet i just feel like another homie

so i thought we had this love thing, cant explain it
what are you waiting for, pls tell me why
i need you, i am nothing without you
come save me baby, be my shining knight

Gotta Make You Understand

it's the way you wear those jeans
don't you know your swagger's mean
when you walk up in the room
all the shawty's stop to stare at you
oh baby, they just wanna eat you up

you got the matching hat
with your brand new Louie bag
got those fresh new Nike sneaks
boy i can't help your swaggers the truth
i just wanna show you my love

boy i

can't get you off my mind, you're like my favorite song
you know you turn me on so let's rock rock all night long
cause i, oh i
i just wanna be your girl

i just wanna be your girl. ;)

- A.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Whole Point: The Chase

to you it may seem small, to others, it could be the biggest thing in their life.
i got inspired to write about chasing dreams

"don't follow your dreams, chase them" - Terence J.

don't ever let someone tell you your dream is too small or too stupid or too out if this world. just because it doesn't fit their standards doesn't mean it's not worth it. yes sometimes dreams and change or sometimes you can combined your two favorite things. i know when i was tiny i would always say. "i'm going to be a singer one day, sing with the greats and have people enjoy what i enjoy, music." i would always say i would sing with Toni Braxton or Deborah Cox, even Celine Dion. then it all changed for me...i was into singing yea but i could never see myself on stage like i used to. i never really saw my name in lights like i used to. then one day i looked around my house and tried to see what was in my house that i could live off of and enjoy at the same time. something that i always knew, something i always kept close. besides all the writing i been doing from young, it was all the pictures my mom use to take of me and our family. then it hit me. photography, writing. BAM. best of both words. i still sing, i still write and i still take pics. but i feel i can always do more.

you see the thing with me is when i dream dreams or have an idea of what i wanna be or do, i don't really care about anyones negative opinions cause it's benefiting ME not YOU. if you do not approve, then boo hoo. i'm not here to please you in that way. i just hope that a camera comes my way. all i do is dream. it's basically my hobbie. i'm chasing this like it's a life or death situation.

all in due time...

- A.

It's You Again

leaning up against the wall
just looking at me on the opposite side.
just looking
at me
m e
you grasp my vibe, it's chill, like we
we stare, we read our body movements
we enjoy, we feel, we know this.
you grab my hand, so soft in yours, fits like a puzzle piece
we're hungry, our thoughts are our feast.
it's you again
the one i want deep
inside my being, you are a part of
cause you have this effect on me.
i still continue to stare, you still continue to vibe.

'side track'

i'm still focused, you are my main focus
have you noticed that?
have you ever have that?
do you even want that?
cause it's not the want that i need to give that
just the fact that i want to.

do you understand just want your are to me?
which is why it's you...again.

- A.

Does Being 18 Not Matter?

thank God for blessing me every morning for waking up and actually seeing the 18 hard years i've faced. thank you God for breathing air into my lungs and helping me view the pictures of the world. Thank God for helping me learn how to feel, love, and concur all my fears and evilness surrounding me in this everyday life i face. Thank God for my healthy friends, also look over the friends that feel the world is against them. show them the light and guide the way for them through they're tough times. Thank you God for my family. blood/non-blood. i love you guys more then i do my own self and i know God forever has you in his thoughts cause i forever have you in mine. without your guys, i have no inspiration. i am truly blessed. - Amen

with that being said.

i have something to say, it's been on my mind since it happened and i'm kinda upset about it...
so my friends came by today. they were of the opposite sex. they have came over before yet alone so have a few others. my mom felt a way at first but i'm older now, i feel responsible about them coming over cause i have no intension of doing anything with any of them. so we chill and wait for a next friend to come and get us. my father calls one of my guy friends. me finding this funny i told him to tell dukes "HEYY" he does so and my dad freaks. yea i understand i'm your little girl and you want no harm. BUT HELLO. I THINK I KNOW WHAT I'M REALLY DOING. considering my mom was home too. including me there was three of us, plus mama. so what can really happen? after freaking on my friend he says he wants to speak to me. i said whatever. "hello?" all i hear is a spazz attack in my ear. i know you care, BUT YOU CARE TOO HARD. 18 18 18 18 18 18 YEAAAARS. i'm and adult. i dislike when adults say "...and just cause your 18 doesn't make you an adult" so what does....25....30? like you grown folk talk about how you want us to grow up and stop acting like children yet you still treat us like it....i can't believe i'm talking like this...i feel like i'm 16 again. i kept saying this crap over and over, i'm not a child anymore. i'm not the 12 year old that use to steal and buy bare stupidness. i'm not the 14 year old and got involved with drugs that no one knew about till i was 16. i'm not the 16 year old that ran away twice. i am the 18 year old that knows better then her previous mistakes. what part of that don't you people get? i haven't had sex, i never been to a legit jam, i never took a serious drug like ecstasy, i never been to a rave, never done a hot box i think they're called. either way like when i do things i know what i'm doing or that i'm ready to see what it's like just to get it out my system, done. anything i do is my RESPONSIBILITY AND WHATEVER HAPPENS IS BECAUSE OF MY ACTIONS. 

and if you feel to realize, then that's on you. forreal.

- A.

P.S. no stress i still LOVE my pops, just too over's annoying at times but it's something i gotta live with it. and how much you wanna bet he'll find out about this blog post? he finds out about everything.... *grumpy face*

Saturday, July 17, 2010

uhhh yea..Real Talk...

too much on my plate to say the least.
from feelings to family fights, real talk i can't take it anymore
i'm tired of all this negativity around me and i feel like separating myself from it
at the same time i'm feeling really lonely and no one to turn to
everyone is doing there own thing. everyone has their life right now.
and i'm stuck here trying to find mine...
i'm trying to find a job, i'm trying to make money, trying to find myself. trying to see what works
but i'm stuck here between myself and others. i'm the type that love pleasing others before i pleasing myself
cause seeing others pleased is pleasing to me.. but. *sigh* like i don't know. this summer seems like it would have been the best ever but it's really far from that...

to sum it all off i guess, i feel real out the loop and also that i got too much to deal with...anymore and i'll freak on someone... :(

- Lost One

Usher - There Goes My Baby

Thursday, July 15, 2010


it's been a minute.

AAAAYYY YOOOOO. hear me out now
i think it's time to give y'all a show, when I'm done i'll take a bow.
young and talented, full of positivity and big dreams
everything i do, best believe i make it look as what it seems
I'm nothing like your average, I'm something outer-space
i live life sometimes in the fats lane, but i also dig a slow pace.
erase anything that's poison, lace the losers with mace
I'm here to fulfill my path, show everything on my face
through my body and out my mouth
this is me, it's what I'm about

do you like expressing?
isn't in impressing?
isn't it sensational?
I'm just feeling too damn beautiful
yea i love myself, i love my mind, body soul
something that i could never let go, always hold.
something i can always share with people like you.
something i will never lie about, real true
feels good.
feels great even

THIS thing, real beautiful expression!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

if i'd say it. it'd be like this

at the end of the day bro, no one has me like you. real sees real and that's what i see in you. sue me. i can't kick it with dudes like i do you. everything is just chill like that. i still am that type to go after what i want but in the case of you i didn't cause yea you did talk about these other girls and such shit. i always thought yo, i never compared. i tried moving on, but you still lingered. i don't know why, maybe its cause your my best friend. can't remember the last time i could just like be real straight with someone like i am you. when the day is through, it's you on my mind. you know how many times you showed me you had me, even when i had doubts? "who i got you, don't i always have you?" yo i show you the same type of love, if any chick says they have you, they don't have you like me. i know that 100% fact. i put that on everything. yea there are times where i slip up....barely, you can't even count that on two hands. but i swear i make up for it. i've always defended you when it came down to it.

yea you talking about other chicks effected me at first but yo, who was i to say it. as far as you knew i didn't feel nothing for i thought. yo i don't even know what more to say on this subject cause it's been to long, i know what i want but it's like "why the hell am i wasting time? why the hell am i still in this......hole?" other dudes come and go but they can never amount to how i feel about you.

different vibe I'm feeling man.
i may seem like I'm confused and not knowing what i want at time but i say that ish cause i try to fight that i dig you. i try my very best actually. never seem to pass me. your people may talk as if they know the whole thing, there's always two sides to one story. they only know what i tell/show you. they don't know how i really feel. they don't know what i go through.

they just don't.

don't know what else to do, nor say, but hey. it is what it is right?
God has plans, maybe this ain't it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Blank Stare

been doing it a lot lately, considering the fact that i'm dreaming out situations in my mind that can go down. yea like it will ever happen that way...

life of not getting your way...

- A.

Save The Best For Last - Vannessa Williams

Sometimes the snow comes down in June
Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon
I see the passion in your eyes
Sometimes it's all a big surprise
'Cause there was a time when all I did was wish
You'd tell me this was love
It's not the way I hoped or how I planned
But somehow it's enough

And now we're standing face to face
Isn't this world a crazy place
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

All of the nights you came to me
When some silly girl had set you free
You wondered how you'd make it through
I wondered what was wrong with you

'Cause how could you give your love to someone else
And share your dreams with me
Sometimes the very thing you're looking for
Is the one thing you can't see

And now we're standing face to face
Isn't this world a crazy place
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

Sometimes the very thing you're looking for
Is the one thing you can't see

Sometimes the snow comes down in June
Sometimes the sun goes 'round the moon
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

You went and saved the best for last

Bring Forth...

ever been in love? or lust? whatever....
all these boys wanna grab, it would only happen if i let them
but they ain't you...

i sing your name in the heavy rain, but what good will that do?
it won't bring forth the one thing i want, which is unity between us.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


i can't listen to you the same anymore. it's not you. trust me your amazing. it's just the fact that this dude. he listens to you all the time. especially since you dropped this album he can't stop playing you. you remind me of him. it kills. i enjoy you but it's like enjoying him, and i can't cause he isn't mine. it's like you're writing the things he can't say to the one he's feeling. that person not being me. another reason why i get frustrated and such things.

i gotta play all the old tunes, like "comeback season" or "room for improvement." my favorites. the ones he doesn't know about. I'm not saying he's a band-wagon fan, it's just he's not familiar like i am. I'm kinda happy he isn't.

i don't know how more to express how i feel about....this.
just know i'm struggling.

do i still like him? if so why do i?
he doesn't see me. he sees she. she ain't me. never will be.

- A.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Life

school wise, i screwed up and yes i know. i'm a slacker.

when it comes down to it all, no matter how hard i try i can't focus on something i will never take interest in: school. it's not a want, it's a need they say. well i feel that i don't need to know about hamlet and how to calculate the area of a circle. i feel that i don't need to know how plants grow and about the civil war. i feel i need to know about how colours move across paper and now my voice sounds in an empty room. i need to know what's it like to stand behind a camera and snap someone for just a moment, capture that memory on paper forever and love every second of it. i need to feel what it's like to pour my soul on paper and let only me read it. i need to know what all that is like.

if you haven't notice my now, i'm an art student.
art is what i bleed, it's what i feel. it's what makes me get up in the morning. it's what makes me cry, what makes me laugh. it's my everything. without it i am nothing. why can't the world see that? why can't they pick up the clues. when i sing, when i write, when i dance, then i take pictures and edit them. i'd kill for people to just understand that is who i am and who i wanna be. all this shit is hard for me, especially with this learning disability the TDSB labeled me with. school is difficult unless it about art. ART. people don't get it. they fail to realize that i'm something of the expressing kind. not the english or math or science. it's a;; boring for me. all of it. what am i do to now with this thing called my life?

- A.

Lose My Breath

he does it, i love it
the way he always knows the spot in which to touch
the way he knows my body, the way he whispers, i blush
he supports me with such movement that it seems effortless
never makes a sloppy move, never makes it feel like it's pointless
kisses so soft, so passionate, I'm at a lost for words
he craves me, keep him coming back for more.
he makes me lose my breath, every stroke, ever caress
relieves my body I'm tension, from all the stress

he's only there to satisfy, in only these type or ways
when the session is over, he never wants to stay
you see there's thing he keeps near to him
its not what we do. if what we did was a light-bulb, the bulb would be dim
our sex has him weak, to an extent
he thinks about her, dreams about her. everything about her. i get straight bent
i'm somehow taken back for a second. i share something with him that my husband deserves
but he doesn't take it into consideration, gets on my damn nerves
whatever, i'm not her...i'm stupid right
no maybe i'm just taking this all wrong, i'm too up-tight
i give you my all, and i get half
she gets the whole you, but you know all of me
what? something on your mind, something you can't let it be?

when we do what we do, do you ever think of me?

doing what we do, thinking it all over
i begin to get lost in my being and lose my breath....again

- A.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Just One Of Those Talks With The Family

so blood and i are laying there, i'm trying so hard not to cry cause i'm over-frustrated...
she's telling me to calm down and take a breather, tell her what's up and she'll take it from there. the thing with blood is she's the only one that can solve my problems period. no one else keeps it 100% X 394856230578 like she does. so catching my breath and letting the tears soak up in my pillow i spill. spill it all out like i slit my wrist. "in all the times you had something to spill this is the second time it's about this fucking boy. yo do i have to give him a clue man? why can't he see?....wait wait. but then again you can't force someone to see something they need if they haven't figured out their own shit. common sense" those words hit me. literally. then i instantly stopped crying and looking out my pixie glass window and wondering.

why can't you see the obvious? do you like getting hurt?
i just wanna be there for you in all types of ways
cause i know and you know i'm worth it.

- A.

Happy Told Me It's Over Because My Sadness Is Killing His Vibe. -_-

couldn't use twitter to vent so i gotta blog.

seriously, it's happening all over again
the part of my movie where i fall
the part where my fam was right
the part were i soon get hurt
because of all the things his soon to say
all the actions he's bond to make
all the clues that i succeed to miss
all the times he comes around plays down that fake kiss
i hate thinking about this
he doesn't FUCKING REALIZE what he does
and when he does, he acts like it's nothing

don't even come to me and complain you need this in a chick and that in a girl
cause when a real WOMAN comes around you're blind.
but hey who am i to tell you shit right?
who am i to correct you from your mistakes.

oh i know, your friend
you know, the one that looks out for your well being
the same one that has you no matter the situation
the one that feels what you feel
the same one that sometimes puts her feelings aside to cater to yours

wow, talk about dedication.

- A.

P.S. Drake - Fall For Your Type & Kristie Alexandra - Lust For Life