Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mind, Body & Soul

My eyes are the windows to my soul,
my mouth in the road to my mind.
my hands are the gentle & love is what it holds,
my ears are what my mind stands beside.
my body is my temple that unworthy people want to break,
but i'm keeping a certain gate closed for mine
& my body's sake.
you're not going to murder my mind
and lie to my soul
least you forget, i'm something bold.
not something you can mold
or something you can transform
i have a few beliefs of my own.
i believe that the one
my special one
can come into my temple and explore,
tell me all the possible things and more.
hold my love with all his being,
look into my windows & see maturity,
respect my body full of fury.
this is my being,
this is my everything.

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