Sunday, October 11, 2009


"Whenever i'm near you, it feels like bedtime..."

we were kickin it and it was cool as ice,
the feeling of your presence was something nice.
the essence in the air,
was giving off the love was suddenly there
in the back of my mind i knew we didn't have to make love in order to feel love
we didn't have to have sex to feel like wonders of intimacy.
even a touch is just as significant
bedtime, bedtime, bedtime.
we can snuggle, cuddle whatever.
we can talk, laugh even listen to the silence
silence wouldn't be awkward, it would be better
better for us to feel more comfortable around each other
feeling the vibe.



  1. this is so sweet and well said. Most times when I chill with a guy I feel like bedtime to - only difference is I usually feel that way because they suck the life outta me!
    Hold on to this one, boys who aren't retardedly awkward are RARE as hell!

    Shannon from Those Girls'

  2. oh wow, thanks Shannon :) . i'm so late with this.