Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Why does it feel as if I'm the only one moving slow as the world passes me by?
And as they rush, the people say hi
In a way that seems so airbrushed and not sincere
Nothing on my mind is coming clear
It's like my thoughts are a racing car and I can't get a grip of the wheel
Like my heart was cut open and has no way to heal
Can't find no one to understand how I feel
My secrets are now like jewels and thieves have no way to steal
Everything's moving at such a fast pace
& shit's happening, I have no sense of trace
Seems like the only answer is to keep everything to myself
Since I can't even find one person to help
I'm more then confused, alone and unknown
but I'm trying not to let my feeling show
But I guess this is how a teenager goes right?
Learning from there mistakes, making smart choices
what if that's all people are looking for?
These things called mistakes?
Watching my every move, waiting to call out all the mistakes I make
Even your friends are quick to judge
Telling you do things, and you know you don't want to budge
It's hard living in a world that always quick to get over-whelming
& having people you love the most to just start pretending
I'm tired to wishing, I'm sick of hoping
Cause all it does is leave me moping
It feels like I have so much to do, so many people to please
When I can't even put my mind at ease

I Guess this sums up how I’m feeling for right now
But there's more shit bound to come...I just don't know how....?

Written Last Year...

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