Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just Thinking About...

...the way you used to write.
it was kinda spiritual
it was like taking flight.
i always used to think "i wonder who's he's really talking about"
then it hit me, it wasn't me...then after i always thought it out

could i ever make you feel the way she did?
i hated comparing myself but it's a feeling i have to get rid
the way she made you smile, do i have that power?
would you ever bathe with me in the shower?
ever think to care what was actually going on in my mind?
would you ever lay around with me just to pass time?
when it truly comes down to you i got shit loads of questions,
but sometimes i feel it's better off guessing.

you use to say you always wanted to be open, there was one time you even felt ready
i braced myself and got to know you steady
not your inside fully, but more of your character
sometime it killed me, but my body on a stretcher

i figured that everything happens for a reason and some good will come out all of this.
maybe there's a time for me to feel some sweet bliss...?
who knows. i sometimes think that maybe i can find that in you
but first you gotta figure out some shit, you gotta know what to do...

- Janelle


  1. had to get it off my mind somehow.

  2. I'm glad she shares it with us. Aubrey's a very talented girl. I want to get on her level with my writing. Perhaps you can compile pointers and such.

  3. wow i'm super late...

    yea sure, i'm down.
    and thank you. loool. my level of writing. hehe!