Monday, January 18, 2010

Blurb #7

i was so happy in school today that thinking back on it now, is kinda making me sick. but in a good way. even a couple people booked it. aha! it was a cool day i guess you can say.

there's something i REALLY want to address but i'm not even going to, cause on some serious shit, i just know who has me like they say they have me and who doesn't. it's funny too. when someone says they have you, then they slip up in the biggest way then you wonder: "after all the shit they almost got in trouble for and you got in trouble for whatever they did, and you just turn the blind eye EVERY DAMN TIME" ahh well, life a beach, it's either a good one or a shit one. like i've been forever saying "people do not know how easy they have it with me, i'm not like other cold hearted, hard ass people out here."

*shakes head*

on a side note, i was talking to my true other half this morning on the tele and the conversation made me realize something. the reason why people don't do a lot of things is cause they don't wanna risk being judged. they don't want people looking down on them cause it's not what "people" are use to. for example: when a chick gives brains. to be honest i really do not see the BIG issue about it. i mean if you don't like the idea about it...just say so. i dislike when chicks say "eww, i'll never give brains, it's so nasty" at the same time turn around and say "i'll let a dude eat me out any day" uhmm, how do you think the DUDE feels if he has to go down but then you ain't returning the favor? or what if just goes down willingly just cause he wants to please you? i don't know, just something i thought about today. i just think some people should be more liberated, then i think society won't make the littlest things something so big when it really isn't.

i guess that's all i have to say for now...time to dance. :)