Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Facebook Things.

In the "About Me" section on facebook is where this is located.
I feel like changing it cause it's a new year first off, and things have kinda changed.
well who knows. it's open for whatever. i'm just on permanent thinking mode right now....

Things change, people change. different people come in and out my life but the ones that stay, make me better. i forgive the ones that do/did me wrong because it's not your fault you picked up other people's dirty habits. God still loves you. *laughs*

i'm expressing my mind more, hanging out with who i want, whenever i want. doing what i feel is right. i'm in control FINALLY and i love it. more then you can understand. my heart is more pure, i'm writing almost everyday. i'm in tune with my emotions and spirit. i finally know me. everything about me. again i'm loving it. stress is not an issue anymore. it's a thing of the past. it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

i'm love, i'm hate, i'm a gift, i'm fate. can you relate?


That was then, and this is now. one person threw my whole...everything out of sync cause i was so focused on them. i always say that from the jump that my heart was never whole, and i don't see it getting that way anytime soon cause dudes always find a way to make me think things that they fabricate. shows me they don't care which makes me have the biggest trust issues and letting people inside my being. it's funny cause some promise not to, some say they'd be there always and such but when a certain situation comes up, you're either the last to know or they're no where in site. i told a few that they have it easy with me, they take advantage on that. i don't blame them. who told me to be easy? who told me to be nice? aha! sorry, i didn't mean to be different, sorry that i dare to me something not of the normal thing. it's not me and i will NEVER follow that kind of crowd. i get easily bored. aha! but enough about that...

i need to start being my best friend and do shit for me finally. i realized that as times get older and people get more stupid and disgusting with there damn habits, that as soon as you do something nice for someone, they consider it a weakness. being shy won't get you anywhere. the more outgoing, the B E T T E R ! take orders from the highest powers, moms and God. live life they way you want it and never trust a soul. reputation? what is that? i don't think i had one of those. i could care less about what society thinks about little ol' me. :)

i just love me. thanks for opening my eyes world. :)

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