Sunday, January 10, 2010

If I Had My Way... parents wouldn't be living in sin and we'd be one happy family. i have twin sisters. we'd live in a house with a dog and a bunny. i'd have the biggest room. i'd throw the biggest parties. i'd have the realest friends, my mom would be my best friend and my dad would be my body guard. i'd be a straight A student and a role model for my sisters. i'd have my very own camera taking pictures for a living. at this age yes! i'd be a better singer then i am now, and could write a song with ease. i'd never cry unless i was happy. i would ignore the negative and reject the fake. i would he extremely happy. i'd me 10 pounds heavier.

i'd have a male best friend who always listened, never lied and always kept it 100 with me. who's tell me his hopes and dreams and i'd do the same. someone who i can relate to on any and every level. someone you laughs at my corny jokes. someone who has my back. someone who has my life. someone who will never let me get sad or upset and even if i did, knows how to calm me down or make me smile. someone my mom and dad and sisters would adore. the love of my life.

i'd have only three close friends. people that can hold my secrets like they hold their own. i'd do the same. my girlies would give me girly advice and facials. actually no. i'd have guy friends. maybe one girl friend. but guys. they know more. ACTUALLY, i'd have a balance, one guy, one girl. guy to tell me how guys really think and the girl to show me how girls act..put the two together and out smart a dude that tries to holla! ;)

if i had my way i'd be at peace at myself. i wouldn't know what sadness, anger, pain was. or rarely know. i would know how to love better. better as in give it my all instead of hide some pieces. my heart would be whole and full of life. i wouldn't believe the lies that had been told. i would pretty much have a perfect life. only if i had my way.

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