Sunday, January 3, 2010


kso i was on my heavy thinking ride earlier today when a friend said to me: "please read my note on facebook...comment too." usually i don't read when people ask cause it's annoying...but since i was on a "blah" mood i decided to do what i like, read.

he was talking about what love is to him and others, how some dudes treat women like trash and how they should really be treated. it was kinda a eye a refreshed one. kinda took it what he said, then compared it to myself and situations i been in. i commented on it. i said:

if only there were more dudes like you. i feel you on this. i wonder pretty much what you address here today all the time.

most dudes have that mentality that falling on love is for "sucka's" or something whack. which is why girls always think they're immature. always thinking about sex and shit like that. sickens me sometimes. but anways.

this inspired me to write something...

keep stuff like this coming, gives me a reason to actually read notes on facebook. ;)

i decided to get some feelings out here. i been in a couple relationship in my day. (talking like my day is old...not) and i been through a lot, you name it, i can bet i been there. the biggest one was cheating. dudes feel when they have all the ladies up, it's a way of earning strips with other dudes. "yeah i got this bitch up" OR "yeah, her and her sister dawg, all up on me" etc. i mean i don't get why they must act this way...i'm not saying all of them are though, don't get me wrong. they just play around and all that "Good Shit" which i sometimes don't understand. funny thing too is when they get bagged...

i was coming home from school, but something told me to go check my sweetie at the time. he said he wasn't going to school today cause he wasn't feeling like himself...something he ate last night. being the corny fucker that i am...bought him a tea and bagel with butter like he likes from Timmy's...didn't call to say i was coming or nothing...just surprise him, he might like that. there was always this look in his eye whenever he saw me. made me feel special you know? anywhoo. he always left a spare key in some box and no one ever looks in outside is apartment. so i scooped it and opened the door. it was quiet, the T.V. was on too. he always watched T.V. when he was extremely bored. walked in the apartment a little more out the hallway. i saw shoes on the living room floor that i know his mom wouldn't rock. they where nike high tops, pink and blue. i was peepin them when i went to the mall the other day. they were fly. like someone my age would wear. i know his dukes wouldn't and his sister wasn't into nike's. she was a puma head. so i ignored the shoes for a sec...then i put the food down on the center table next to the t.v. along with the key. i heard voices from the bathroom. my heart kinda dropped for a moment. i froze...i heard a deep voice, he's voice. then i heard a girly giggle...

you'd think i's storm in and cuss like a wild black girl but i kept my cool. to be honest the only reason why i kept my cool was because i was so used to dudes cheating that it didn't really phase me that much.

so i picked up the timmy bag with the bagel in it and began to eat it... sighed for a bit, then the giggles continued. then i heard him say "i love you" she replies "what about your girl" that's when i decided to make a move. i walked over to the bathroom door and he says "what girl?" i open the bathroom door and say "this one...oh wait, as of today that can all change" he laughs and she's staring as if she saw the biggest ghost EVER. i said to her "heyy, i know you. you play ball a lie?" then i turn to him "you did always like the baller types." then i asked "someone give you a joke sweetie?" he goes "it's not what it looks like" i was like "hmmm, lemme see. chick half naked sitting on top the sink with you in between her legs? what should it seem like?" he didn't respond. i was like "well i guess i'll take my tea to go...y'all have fun now.." he says "i'm sorry" i was like "shove your sorry up her pussy...fucking dick head"

walked out.

i almost caught all the cheating ones on situations like this...most of the times i never said shit...just found them doing something dumb...cried like a bitch and ran out the house like you see in movies...all in all this is the one where i actually took it for what it was and said my piece and left. felt kinda nice making him feel like a dumb ass. but at the same time it did hurt a little...but i kinda was expecting it.

i guess what i'm trying to say is that it's hard to find someone who wants to be committed, then have them stay committed, this goes for both sexes. not only guys cheat, girls do too. but whatever.

be as faithful as your partner, if you give him or her more then they're giving your...something ain't right...

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