Monday, January 4, 2010

Blurb #3

woow, two blubs in one day...aha!


URGH! it's funny when you think you can fight against what you feel, till your feelings tell you who's boss.
you're in the moment, just thinking that "heyy, it's only for right now, what harm will come..." till you get by yourself and you re-think what you just did..."you're starting to feel like this aren't you dear?" that's what i hear in my head. it was soo good, but it's like "Janelle, what the fuck are you doing? fucking fool. don't make me come out there..."

you know what's the funny part...most of the time, i thought about him...
i was thinking about how we kicked it off and what we did, he would never do...he's focused on beat beat beat. when all i want is for our hearts to meet, meet, meet. i want mine to connect with his...and to be honest not even in that way, at least not for right now....i see what others don't...they see what he made himself out to be...but now i see his true being i guess you can say...but i don't want it...not right now...

i'm thinking about him constantly, instead of thinking of my right now...those thoughts are replaced with things of you... shoot me...

one word: T O R N !

- Janelle

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