Friday, January 15, 2010

My Proposal/Goals

a little something i had to write in class. a reason as to why my teacher should give me an extention on my cumlminating activity. i didn't think i deserved it so i wrote what i felt. there's also a little say on some goals i set for myself in September that i had to reflect on. this is what i came up with...

My Proposal/Goals

To be really honest, I don’t think that I should get any type of extension on my culminating activity. It doesn’t seem like I deserve one. With all the lying, skipping and having this “I don’t care” mentally, I’m just setting myself up for failure. These days it feels like I’ve been just that, a failure. My marks are poor; my attendance is more then horrible. There’s really nothing I could do to fix that, especially for this semester. It’s my fault that I haven’t been focused. I get easily distracted and it’s not only school life I’m dealing with, home life is another thing too. Home life is messed up cause of school life. School life is messed up cause of home life and I get a grasp of both. I try to fix things with my mom, and it was going well too, until I started skipping and coming home late. Now she’s mad at me all over again, and because of that I can’t focus in school. When I have homework at home and I try to do it, I can’t stay focused. I can’t concentrate on it. All I can think about is how I’m going to fix things with my mom

This isn’t the only class where the culminating activity is late. English too. But it’s due today and I haven’t even started that. She gave me an extension. I don’t know why. She said that she didn’t have to. But she said she wanted to see me get this credit at least. Again it doesn’t seem like I deserve extra time. I mean other students can get it done so why can’t I? I’m just not on track right now and all confused about some things so I’ll hand in whatever I have. Which is pretty much nothing.

My main goal was to get my math credit. But by the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like I’m getting it. I’ve been skipping that class regularly. The reason why I’ve been skipping is because I thought that since I won’t be getting the credit, what’s the point of going? I never did my homework for that class which was also a goal too. I didn’t ask for help. I didn’t study. I also didn’t try and stay awake for that class either. That was a goal I had and wasn’t successful in. I need to improve on my attendance, not fall asleep, not skip and do my homework. Ask for help when needed also. By doing these will help me become not only a better person, but by becoming a better student.


  1. post more stuff, I like reading it