Friday, January 29, 2010

Blurb #7

forgive me for thinking the worse...actually throw forgive in the damn bag and tie it up, burn it and make a dog or some animal piss on the ashes. they always told me to speak up in any way when people wanna fuck me over so hear it is.

fuck you. straight. hear me when I SAY that i'm done talking my shit with you? why? BECAUSE YOU TAKE IT AND RUN WITH IT. it's not like i said anything WRONG anyway. i just like telling me SO CALL FAMILY how i feel, but what do THEY do? they could give TWO FLYING PIGS as to how i feel. they always say "yo jay, i got you, don't let another ever disrespect you or we'll have to handle the matters" i always say "nahh i can deal with it" FIRST OFF, if you DO NOT like the way i handle shit...FUCK YOU. if you don't like how things turn out for me and think i fucking screw up all the time, FUCK YOU TIMES 2. if you DO NOT like the fact that i DO NOT speak NOR elaborate on things. FUCK YOU TIMES YOUR FAMILY. i'm fed up and i had it up to mount everest with bullcrap. LEAVE ME THE FUCK A L O N E . you think i won't mature enough when i have to deal with shits like you, you're fucking dumb. I AM NOT YOU NOR WILL I EVER BE YOU. i like who i am and i don't fall under any category BUT MY OWN. in which only I CAN BE A PART OF. fuck you.

is this your way if "Caring" WELL YOUR CARING SUCKS ASS. I WANNA SCREAM.

fuck this i'm done.

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