Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can I Kick It?

so me how you feel about me in different ways. express your passion with your emotion. i can EASILY pick up when someone gets deep so by you doing it won't be a problem. i want for you to show me things that i never felt before...but i want it in more then one way. i want it in all ways. i'm open to do that with you. i want to have a different level of intimacy with you. you're not like any one who's ever crossed my path. i think and i think and i think then i realize that i haven't felt this way in a very long time. but back then this feeling was just a baby. i feel it has matured into something that can realize real and doesn't want to get fucked over like past idiots have done. i see something in you i never seen. i like what i see cause it's unique and rare. i just want us to be able to have something special without always having to show physical. i mean there's absolutely nothing wrong with that...but at the same time it gets old you know? i want this time around to actually have such an impact on me that i want to say later on that i was happy, that it was enjoyable & that i loved every second.

i like sitting back and letting the cloud forum before me. feeling the nice cool summer breeze with his hand in mine just laying there, just watching the world go by. trust me it's pretty cool.

so tell me...

can i kick it?