Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Blurb #4

in my mind it's like this
i wanna feel you on my fingertips

stare at me. see me. begin to take your time with me. take off my clothes, take off your clothes. i run my cold fingers up and down your chest while i'm kissing you passionately and without a care in the world. i wanna feel you twitch when i'm doing this. i wanna embrace your body heat and take in your scent. i wanna leave little bite marks on your smooth caramel skin. scratches on your back. steam. i wanna feel you inside me. i wanna love it. i wanna enjoy it. i wouldn't want it to stop. i wanna know you. physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually. i wanna be your desire. i want to shake from the feeling. i want you to drive my body crazy. i want you. be my teacher. i'll be the student. learning new things, and willing to work for extra credit. i wanna taste you. run your fingers through my crazy hair. just be up in my middle. amaze me. thrill me. craving each other. just loving in....

guess you can see where i went with this. H'd as you can OBVIOUSLY tell. sigh...then again i think i might run from what i've been thinking about since last year. i'm not the type to follow peers and pressure...i do my own thing when i want, but this is a big thing you know? anywhooo.

i guess you can say my family knows best, they're always telling me they think i'm ready or whatever. but aren't i suppose to know that. they ask me things like "how often do you think about it?" do you have movies going on in your head about doing it?" can you see yourself doing it when someone?" i always answer them honestly. "i think about it everyday" "yeah i do have little movies or whatever" "yeah i see myself fucking someone in my head" BLAH BLAH! BUT, what i'm saying is what if it actually came down to me and a dude in a room and we were gonna do it...would i feel a way after? will i panic? hmmm..... there were times where it got to that point, but they were never prepared. no rubber. then i thought about it and quick time i'm like...nope, forget it.

now though...aha! i think i won't be as "up-tight"
going with the flow seems like a plan.

"will it be meaningful?"

i hope so...