Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blah # 2

i feel it's turning into something i feared. we do just that. i don't wanna do just that. i wanna do more. but then again i'm trying to find out how to do more. i mean shit like this should come so easy with me cause i'm like the number one expert on this shit. now i'm the one having trouble? i'm thinking EVERYTHING over and you and i really don't need this right now. since the fact home/school life is also on the list of things that make up the issues in our lives.

i feel for you. i care for you. i'm sure you know that right? i mean i write about it all the time. (even stuff you haven't seen) it's just so....blah. i'm having the biggest brain fart. over what? I really don't know.

i can't even fully express myself right now...i'm in need of a blunt...or something...


  1. I am only one man out of billions, there are better like me...there is always a better person than the person you see, this is just the way the world works...sorry.... :S :S :S :S :S :S