Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Raining

& it's soothing
easing the fact that you're not laying next to me
and i'm not talking about like laying next to me for like a few hours.
i'm speaking of that sense of security you feel when you got the one you love right there.
knowing he's not out doing something that will make you cry, make you hate them, make you regret them. i'm talking big for a youngin but you know when you just wanna experience all the little things you hear grown ups long for in their relationships. you wanna have everything your parents NEVER had, and you wanna hold on to it. unconditionally. i can't remember the last time rain has inspired me to right like this. usually when it rains i'm in a depressing mood. i just came out of that mood too. then i realized the rain. do you know how much i just wanna hold you tight and just feel you. the softest touch. your warm smile, your soft eyes and gentle voice. there's honestly something you give that i feel was missing. i kinda feel like i have it now. there were so many times were i thought i could just live with what i have and fabricated it but it always ended up sour. but not this time. pure is what i feel. real is what i feel.

you're something worth wild, something i can wait on
i'm very impatient, so i always have a date on
i keep saying that your different and not what i'm used to....real in so many ways

but you seriously give me a reason to say it. i mean every word. 

i can write each and everyday about you and it will NEVER get old.

- JanelleAubrey

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