Sunday, January 17, 2010


i'm suppose to be doing laundry, but my mom is fast asleep. :|
i don't normally blog as soon as i get up but, i'm mixed right now.

i'm not hungry but my stomach is saying otherwise...
my hair is more then dirty and i have a bad case of morning breathe. lovely. my iTunes is playing "Beautiful U R" by Deborah Cox. that song is life for real. anywho.
i woke up thinking that today is going to be blah. that's not what i wanted to think, but something kinda came over me...empty thought. i didn't even say my regular "good morning" like i usually do. i just got up with headphones in my ears with Chris Brown's "I'll Go" playing softly in my ears. i get up, walk past my moms room with the words "you're not going anywhere today.." i ask "and why is that?" she rolls over and goes back to sleep. i'm left standing there saying to myself "so much for my actual plans today..."

i go to the bathroom, not even brushing my teeth while i'm in there. all i do is wash my face and look at my fingernails. they're dirty from scratching my hair all night. i seriously NEED to wash it. not only that i look at my face which is breaking out due to the fact my hair is dirty. :| "shit happens" i say out loud. my mom hears me and screams my name. reason why she did that? cause i said SHIT. if i ever say a "bad word" she bawls out my name. whatever. it's just a F U C K I N G word. doesn't make me a bad person just cause i swear. i take a quick pee then walk stand outside the bathroom thinking what to do next. so i sit by my computer desk and go through what just happened. from rolling out of bed to walking to the computer desk. i thought again, today is going to be blah. then it hit me. my computer isn't the way i left it... my keyboard is slanted and my mouse is further up then usual... hmmm... i brush it off. could be nothing

i'm thinking what should i eat, should i get up and brush my teeth, should i take a shower one time, do my laundry? not only this, my msn is open. i'm waiting for "listener" to come online so i can tell him the bad news. i dislike flopping on people, especially people that i look forward to seeing that day. all cause my mom is so old school and cares too much what people think. so happy i'm new school and could care less what people think of say about me. they don't know me. :)

anyways i think i'm done here...


  1. well........I guess I can wait till whenever the next time I guess.