Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Need An Escape...

i need to go
to a place where no one knows
i need to be set free
from myself and put my temple at ease
somethings not right, and i can't live with this wrong
it's sad though...cause i knew all along
and never did a damn thing about the situation
it was a constant irritation.
the fake smiles are becoming noticeable
my mind is becoming un-focusable
now i'm getting body aches
my heart is over-raced.
i'm cold.

i need an escape...


  1. Wow Aubrey your writing is great. I even want to ask you something. There's something i want to maybe open ya mind with. Send me a message and we'll talk about it there or you can get at me somewhere. I don't want to put it out here...Eyes lurk.

  2. add my facebook if you have it.
    other then that there's ATF or my msn...