Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blurb #6

okay so there's this guy...

i'm trying to find the words to say about him. he's just...not what i'm used to. i don't think i ever met someone so mature either. almost everyone that knows him that i know also, think he's older or something. i like that.

okay so there's these people in my life. i consider them my own...we say we're cousins. Almia and Christianna. i see them more then i see anyone else. they know me. seriously know me. they're close family friends which is why i consider them what i consider them. i was talking to them just a couple minutes ago on video chat. i was just spillin out everything, which was pretty much nothing. just random thoughts. like how one friend is acting, how i feel about this dude, comparing the two (there was really no competition, one took the cake.) they always used to say they never really thought the loser was a good choice. i always take their word cause every time they say something about someone it usually comes true. they were never wrong about anything yet. they know when someone is going to go sour with me sometimes before i know it. anywhooo.

"i think the one now is a good one....he's a sweetie." "seems like i cares, you haven't had that in a while. someone that actually gives a shit" "there are some things that could be worked out but you guys can kick it" etc. 
glad that i have friends like them.

this feeling that i'm experiencing and embracing
is making feel like i'm forever racing
it's finally coming together that i have to make a move
take many chances and flow with the groove
keep it positive and know myself. 
take whatever from my friends, cause i know their here to help
he's here too. from now i'll keep him close.
cause there's something that i have with him that i don't most...

he's caring and always listening
he keeps my inside singing
any song that plays now
got me thinking of him somehow

you know what i hate doing? trying to describe something or someone that's beyond my words.

you get my point...

P.S. i need to e x p a n d my vocabulary...


  1. I think when he reads this he'll fall in love :D :P

  2. ahh, I loved this, I'v read it over twelve times! :D