Monday, November 30, 2009

It Was All A Dream

it's me & you against the world
by your side, the only girl.
on some corny shit, fuck the birds and the bees
can't help the fact that you have me weak in the knees.
we started this with your hand in my hand
come on, we're partners. we get us like nobody else can.
together we die, forever we ride.

this was all in a dream
it seemed so real, it seemed to be
i tend to dream cause reality is faker
dreaming is bliss, keeps me away from danger
all, all, all!
that's what i want to give
but there's a blockage
this brick
this stack
this closed road
it's funny when you try to get someone to understand
but it's like they're simple minded and & have their own plan
you want them to know the mental, emotional, physical.
you want to do it all, in due time, but time is critical
i guess what I'm trying to get at is that
if life was as easy as dreaming
I'd actually start believing...

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