Monday, November 16, 2009

You Know What I Want?

someone who can show me unconditional love.
someone who i know will my back and i will theirs.
someone who isn't ashamed of me, loves the fact that i'm not any other chick. i'm laid back and don't bitch about stupid shit. i'm not that uptight.
someone i can show off and say i got a good man.
someone my friends like and vise versa. a person i can kick it with in that type of way. we can lay up in the house all day and just chill. we won't even have to talk.
someone who i can have some deep ass conversations with. so deep we don't even have to have sex to feel how deep it is. you know?
someone that gives me shocks just by touching me.
someone who always keeps it real, no matter how i'll feel cause they say it out of love.
someone who's always looking out, showing me the real deal and has the greatest head on their strong shoulders.
someone that could make me cry tears of joy and make me pray so hard for them.
someone who i think about late at night for no reason at all.
someone who calls me out the random just to say "i love you, baby."
someone i trust to hold my heart...

there's more but i gotta think....


  1. Aww, great job Snoopy! I bet so many girls can relate to this, I know I do! =)