Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mind Set #7

so i was in a pretty good mood to say the least, untill i reached my dearest friends house. as always she never has nothing to say when it comes to this particular dude. i respect all aspects of what she preaches, but sometimes when you here the same thing over...and over...and over you kinda start to wonder: (W T F ? NEW MATERIAL?!) don't get me wrong, she does it cause she cares and such, but i'm starting to get this vibe that she's seeing something that i'm not based on what happened to her instead of me. i mean pretty much what she says what i already know due to the fact that i figured shit out cause i'm not a complete idiot. i have sense. like hello? i don't give off a vibe that i'm a retard do i?

whatever, ANYWAYS! Either way she says to me how i shouldn't chill as much as i should with him and things on that nature. BUT in all reality i don't. usually he's off doing his own thing with his own girl in their own world. do i get mad about it? well yeah. cause i'm feeling him right? *rolls eyes* i already stated that i'm not feeling him as much as i deeply did cause i got hurt twice already. that can take it's toll on a girl's feelings. i also know that i played the "i'm the fool" card twice too. (don't ask, i guess you can say i was blinded.) but he did come out and say his "i'm sorry's" and the "i didn't mean it" shit. i accepted. i think that sometimes she also fails to realize that we are the best of friends and whatever. we also are on some other level shit. something like that. like i have people that i can go to with shit. he's one of them. she is too. but not as much. why?

past shit sometimes effects what happens in the future...

stuff went down dirty, people tried to mess up a good thing we had, they got what they wanted. not only did people mess up shit, she just picked up habits that i wasn't completely about. so i cut her loose for a bit.

i guess what i'm kinda trying to get out is that, i'm just trying to make people understand where me and him are coming from, but they base it on what they see. at least the man had the decency to fucking apologize for what he did. most nigga's don't. i strongly dislike when people to not take in what i say and do whatever the fuck they want. now i smell that something is bond to happen in the next 30 minutes, he's gonna call me, tell me about it, i'm going to get mad, bitch about it, then call her, yell at her, she might either get mad or brush it off. all for the simple fact that she'll feel, she did it for my own good,

me and him are not on that shit. the type of shit he's on with his girl. yes we way look like it. BUT I'M FUCKING STATING THAT WE AREN'T. and i'm annoyed that people make shit out to be something they ain't. then again, people are fucked sometimes and i can't stand them. a girl hangs out with a dude they assume shit. a girl hangs out with another chick, in some cases problems accrue. whatever man, when i mean i'm over everything, i'm over everything.

shit happens for a reason and i have no issues with that. well i think i don't
in all honesty, it all depends on the fucking situation.

i love all my friends, i really do, but sometimes...they annoy the shit out of me...

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