Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just Like My Hair, My Feelings Are In A Frizz.

"Lately i been feeling like a broken record."

everything that was an issue before is still an issue now, plus i guess you can say more things have surfaced.
telling a few every detail, they say it serves purpose.
now i need for you to know something, it ain't easy when everything begins to twist.
you try to figure out this, you think you're getting close to it.
Just Like My Hair, My Feelings Are In A Frizz.
i'm trying to find all the answers to this never ending quiz
i feel like giving it all up and calling it off
but Andrew says, stop trippin, this is all soft
everything will fall into place, you just gotta wait...
seems like things are playing in your favor, all you have it fate.
yeah all i have, what if it doesn't have me
one minute i think it's there, when it really did flee
i love you, rings in my ears daily.
telling you i love you too, but you're not my baby.
every time i utter those three words, it makes me wanna cry
i feel it so deep it's like i wanna die
before i wanna see anyone, it has to be you first
if not it feels like something inside me is waiting to burst
Lord, give me the strength to tell him how i fully feel
every feeling in every detail, how many times can i say this.
what i'm feeling is the real deal.

"I See You Every Night In My Dreams,
And I Think It's Time We Make It Reality.
I Know Right Now We're Nothing But Just Close Friends.
But I Can't Pretend, I Caught Feelings."

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