Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just Me

Looking Out
To See The Fake World
The Fake Friends, The Fake Girls
The Fake People As They Walk
And The Fake Way They Talk
Since They Can't Handle My "Real"
They Think They Have A Right To Feel
Feel That They Can Talk This Fake Shit
Thinking That This Fake Shit Will Make Them A Big Hit
Well Let Me Ask You This
Do You Not Have Nothing Better To Do?
Do You Not Have Anything Better To Say?
Do You Feel Good In A Way?
People Like You Should Inspire Me
To Just Let Y'all Talk You’re Shit & Just Let It Be
In The End
I'm Just Going To Be Me!

Feelings Get Hurt
People Feel Like Dirt
In My Soul You Insert
These Hurtful Words...Every Fucking Day
Urgh... Fake & Waste People These Days...

Accept Who I Am
Cause I Accept Who You Are
Even Though You Need To Realize For Every Action/Word You Say


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