Sunday, November 22, 2009

If I

here's a question, if i were to let my actions speak, how much would it cost you?
would it effect the way we move? would you loose your so called boo?
i don't wanna taste you cause i don't wanna taste her.
i don't wanna feel you cause it's like i'm feeling her.
she's in your essence, for her it's plesent.
she's got this claim for you, but she's not living up to her title.
but this is a situation very delicate, somewhat critical.

knowing that i should back down and let things slide,
i can't stand to sit around and be on the side lines.
do i think she's better?
maybe if her eyes stopped getting wetter...
crying over stuff that don't matter to most.
she's worried of what?
loosing you?
it's funny to me, i think you're already gone.
i'm not tryna be rude but i'm stating truth. over and done.
i gotta make these moves count cause this means everything right now.
this = time
time = money

but i'm wondering it all worth it in the end?

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