Thursday, November 26, 2009


She seeks the true meaning of love
To ease the pain she's feeling
She wants to find it
So it can give her a sense of healing
She wonders when it will come her way
This thing called love
Everybody talking like it's a thing from up above
She was determined to find it
But how?
Everybody has there own perspective about love
But she wanted to find her own perspective
She wanted to embrace this love with her whole heart
Find the special thing and never the two shall part
Then she felt all this passion of warmth and delight
She felt that feeling
Love at first sight
She couldn't believe her eyes
She never seen him before
But he was too damn fine
They caught eyes and she smiled
He smiled back
He started walking her way
oh no what should I do? what should I say?
Sweaty palms
Heart's racing
Is this the "love" she's facing
She wonders fast
"Has what I've been seeking for right here?"

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