Monday, November 9, 2009

Unconditional Love 2

it's nothing like the rest
with you, it's like feeling blessed!
you are something no words can describe,
thank God you're in my life.
i never had this kinda love for another.
you do something to my heart, over and under.
I'm at peace. even when i say your name.
then I begin to feel the pain...
the simple things begin to become complicated.
then my feelings go under the list "out-dated"
it's complicated what you call this thing we got.
but i got all this "new" love for you, who would have thought?
telling people i never felt this way, that's something real.
i almost there, getting grip on my steering wheel.

that's what he does to me
which makes me willing to give him that unconditional love he really deserves...

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