Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mind Set #6

i'm still young, i know that. i got so many things to learn and i got all this time. it seems like i wanna know everything now so i can say "oh i knew that" later on. there are going to be people that are going to break me in some sort of way but i have to over come it. there are going to be haters and fakers, takers and mis-leaders. cheaters and deceivers. all this and more, a part of life. we go through things all the time. could be small, could be huge. there also comes a time where you gotta open your eyes and your mind and be like, "why stress over this?" "is this really worth my time?" i'm starting to realize a lot of things now. a lot about people's character traits and so on. i'm learning to live with that. my cousin and a couple friends told me "you don't truly know a person until a bad situation happens. it's either they have you or they don't. point blank."

there's so much going on right now for my brain. not only is it bouncing back from me being drunk for two days but it's also analyzing all the information and fucking situations that went down this weekend. the way i handled things, the way i finally took charge, the way i didn't care about whatever else happened. i was completely blown away. it was so dope. this weekend was a reaaaaaaal eye opener and i I've been getting a lot of those lately. i mean yeah, under aged drinking is bad, but what i got from it and everything else was sooooo good.

i guess something i can leave whoever with who's reading this.
have you ever wanted to believe something about someone so bad? like everyone was telling you that they were something bad or they're not good for you, whatever. untill one day everything that those people said started to unfold. you start to wonder "why didn't i see this from before?"

i think is cause you get caught up in who this people would act towards you. you thought they were misunderstood or soemthing. till you realize that everything was all the same. just like the rest of those fools.

ya win some, ya loose some.

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