Monday, November 2, 2009

Unconditional Love

i wanna get this tat
Unconditional Love
Reasons why?
it's something I've never felt
from a girl or guy
at night i sit up and wonder under the stars
am i really ready to get these scars?
actually there's only one person i could think of right now.
that's given me unconditional love no matter how

my father.

for those who know me, know how i feel about this man.
when i needed the most help, he gives what he can.
no matter how mad he'll get at me.
he always tells me he loves me
fills me up with knowledge
and tells me it's okay if you wanna go to college
just pass all your classes.
I'm getting the tat right across my wrists
unconditional on the left, love on the right.
so that way, when i open my arms
you can feel it so tight.
I'm following in his footsteps,
be straight up and give that type of love
i wanna be that person to give that love
to the ones who never received it.
then that will help them believe it...

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