Monday, November 30, 2009

Inside My Head


It’s so loud in here.
Something’s going to happen, but it’s something I fear.
As my senses guide me through the noises
I pick up on some familiar things, something like voices.
Voices that I knew, voices that I know now too.
They came in all sorts of colours. Red, yellow, blue.
As I listened, a picture surfaced in the sky.
It was a picture I once knew.
It’s whatever now; you’re the one that blew.
Blew me off and killed my everything.
You were too caught up in the glamour and bling.
That was your mistake, you should have been yourself.
The real information is what you with-held.
It’s different, the only time you came out to play
Is when it involved us laying around in bed all day
And it wasn’t even that great…
Everything became silent in a split second
Finally, something I recommend,

I saw you standing there with dead flowers
It’s like you were standing there for hours.
You told me the worst was yet to come.
From your lips is where the words will spill from…

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